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Hello i need help with this gamemode i dont know how i can fix this error, thank for ur attention, sorry for my english. 
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Server marked as STARTING
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Checking size of server data directory...
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Disk Usage: 321M / 31000M
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Ensuring correct ownership of files.
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Running server preflight.
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Starting server container.
steam user is not set.
Using anonymous user.
No appid set. Starting Server
:/home/container$ ./mta-server64 --port ${SERVER_PORT} --httpport ${SERVER_WEBPORT} -n
/entrypoint.sh: line 46: ./mta-server64: Permission denied
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Server marked as OFF
[Pterodactyl Daemon] ---------- Detected server process in a crashed state! ----------
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Exit Code: 126
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Out of Memory: false
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Error Response:
[Pterodactyl Daemon] Aborting automatic reboot due to crash within the last 60 seconds.
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