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Problem with source

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-- server side 

cylinder = createMarker(-712.09100, 967.01917, 12.33547-1, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 50, 0, 255)

setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 0)

function TIMER()
	if getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints") >= 8 then
		setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 8)
		setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints")+1)
	if isElementWithinMarker(source, cylinder) then	
		triggerServerEvent("givePointsToServer", root)
		PointsServer = getElementData(source, "points")
		BoxPoints = getElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints")
		setElementData(source, "points", PointsServer + BoxPoints)
		setElementData(cylinder, "BoxWithPoints", 0)

setTimer(TIMER, 3000, 0)

-- client side

setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "points", 0)

addCommandHandler("ShowMyPoints", function()
	outputChatBox(tostring(getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "points")), 255, 255, 0)

addEvent("givePointsToServer", true)

addEventHandler("givePointsToServer", root, function(player)
	local player = client
	setElementData(player, "points", getElementData(player, "points"))

The problem is with the ruler where isElementWithinMarker (source, cylinder) shows me the error that argument 1 got nil, I don't know what to think about it because I checked meta.xml and server side and client side is the correct type, could someone explain why is this happening?

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source -- The player or element the event was attached to

That's why you don't get the player since you're using timer.

Your code has some mistakes too such as you are trying to trigger client side from server by triggerServerEvent and the right is triggerClientEvent. 

infinity timer can cause some problems as well especially you made it every 3 sec. You can use this better


and about the element in marker, you can do this

function elementinmarker(element) 
      if element then
        if isElementWithinMarker(element,cylinder) then
        -- Your code
     end,3000, 1)

and it would be better if you make the whole code server side

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