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Trying to get MTA to work....

Guest Zylos

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OK, i just found this place today and i downloaded "MTA v0.3b". I got it installed and i can load it up, now heres where i have no idea what to do, I have the MTA Launcher up, and there are 6 options, GTA3 SP I take it is the basic GTA3, GTA3 MTA is multi-theft auto, and theres 4 other options. Now when i hit GTA3 MTA, the games loads up, and when i start to play MTA, i just kinda float around with the credits rolling and never play. I can minimize and see another menu with a chat at the bottom, what do i do now to connect to a sever?

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I keep getting that message:

Welcome to MTA

Version 0.3 (Build 5291127-G)

Connecting to server

Waiting for request

for every server i try.

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