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Imagine the RP possibilities...

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First off, I just want to thank the guys who made GTA3:MTA. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I learned that MP wouldn't make it in the release - just roaming around the city was fun, but with another friend or two it would have been a blast. :)

For those who don't know, RP is role-playing. People assume roles in the game and act out their roles - some people become hitmen, some stay loyal to their gangs, others just pretend to be bums and wander around the city rambling about crazy stuff... all they would have to do was add the title after their name (revelation [yakuza hitman]). Anyways, I understand that some of the ideas that I'm about to list are probably impossible to code in without the source code, yet they are just ideas and I'm gonna throw them out there just in case some may be able to be done:

- the ability to drop weapons

- the ability to drop cash

- the ability to play certain animations by typing in a command or pressing a key

- the ability to set waypoints on certain people on the radar

- the ability to team chat and whisper to certain players

- the ability to crouch/duck, walk

- dedicated servers that keep track of people's skills

I used to RP in some half-life mods back in the day (The Opera, Action Half-Life) and they were pretty damn fun. Yet with GTA 3 we have a large world with a huge degree of freedom. People can actually make up their own game modes with scenarios included - imagine a server where the game mode is team deathmatch at first - gangs having firefights and such - then later a player is elected as leader. The mode then changes to assassination, where the objective is to kill this guy before he leaves the city. Afterwards it could be random things like hitting armored cars, stealing the most amount of cars in a certain time, etc.

I'm pretty sure most of these ideas are impossible, but hey they're all wishes. Hey, one of my wishes was for someone to mod MP for GTA 3, and look where we are now. :)

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some of those ideas are implementable, like dropping of cash, weapons and chatting.

The rest I think may need a little more time

Ducking/jump and shoot would be great, but may require new animations etc

The rest may be too hard to do.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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well maybe programmers could request the use of the code.

kneeling while moving/firing would be great, as would jumping while firing (which has probaly been done as well)

the code isnt perfect though - a good start none the less =)

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