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[DayZ]Black Project DayZ [POLAND/EUROPE]

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Hi, I would like to invite you to the DayZ server, conducted on gamemodzie 0.7 from Tekken for over 3 years.

 # 1. Render panel distance / Fog
# 2. Information panel about the server (Bilingual (Polish / English))
# 3. Information for the killer on the top of the screen.
# 3.1. A characteristic sound during the murder.
# 4. New Group System
# 4.1. Blip a group member after death.
# 5. Handling for sports vehicles.
# 6. Author's military locations (around 6-7)
# 7. Hitmarkers for vehicles and players.
# 7.1. Balanced weapon damage, increased weapon distance, improved hitboxes.
# 7.2 New weapon sounds adapted to each type.
# 8. Most of the sniper weapons have been removed. (AWP and AWM left)
# 9. Upgraded server tab.
# 10. No lags when you refresh items.
# 11. And a lot more!

-Login Panel-




Server Name: Black Project DayZ
Adress IP: mtasa://
Slots: 40
Gamemode: BP-DayZ

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