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Hey,I havent played this yet(im waiting for 0.3 to come out) but i have a question.Im a big mod fanatic,how are mods gonna effect the multiplayer modes.are the people im playing with gonna have to have the same mods,or am i gonna have to install a fresh copy?Any answers will be greatly appreciated,thanks. :)

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car skins shouldnt be a problem, level mods may crash the game.

If someone had modified their map to have a hill where it is straight for someone else, something is going to go wrong (unless the person just flies in mid air =)

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i cant guarantee that it will work with car skins.

I can see a manana overtaking my infernus and wondering why =)

People have gotten mta 0.2a to work with car skins, its just that when they bump into each other it crashes. If you have the same car skins its ok, but that isnt always the case.

To be perfectly safe, remove all mods/skins from the game =)

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I have Max Pain's mod (it has all the cars changed and lots of map mods).

And it seems to crash more often on islands where there are more map mods, on the staunton where is only a few minor mods, the game is pretty stable.

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