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Playing the game.

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Ok This game is getting really boring but i know theres more to it i see people selling cars buying houses and beer and drugs i see people robbing peoples bank accounts!!

i want to know how to do all this

i go to sun shine autos and the 10min mark and type !sell and it says a sould it but i dont get money

and i think i did it right the register my email? /msg [email protected] password?

man i need a step by step guide or just all little bit of help to get started atlest

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if i am not mistaken ur talking about skull breakers server or some other one , cause i know they have complete list of commands and concepts on there forums , also if u have problems with login or something u should contact the admins on server or on forums i think or try the server u go to each server has its own website, if they are old in this game and serious and not some noobs in mta.

Remember to read the motd message of client before entering any server cause it has lots of info for players like site addresses and so on.

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