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[HELP] How to make setElementPosition only for local player?


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1 hour ago, 3aGl3 said:

Just execute the code on the clients side only.
You probably want to create the marker on the client, and send the touch event off to the server so the server can check if the player isn't cheating or similar.

The client event is triggered for all clients you'd have to add a check as well then.

Put the code on the client side as well as the marker and use the onClientMarkerHit event.

The event's callback returns 2 arguments, the element that hit the marker and the matching dimension. Ignore the latter for now.


local mark = createMarker(0, 0, 4, "arrow", 1)

function onHit(element)
  if (element == localPlayer) then -- check if the element is the localPlayer (you)
addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", mark, onHit)

Hope this helps

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