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Found 2 results

  1. I'm very noob at scripting :' (, but i did this: (It's a script for the Imponte Deluxo of GTA Online) Serverside: function deluxe ( player ) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if isElement(vehicle) then if getVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,5) > 0 then setVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,5,0,ms) setVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,4,0,ms) setVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,0,0,ms) else setVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,5,1,ms) setVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,4,1,ms) setVehicleDoorOpenRatio(vehicle,0,1,ms) end end end addEvent( "deluxo", true ) addEventHandler( "deluxo", resourceRoot, deluxe) This function puts the Deluxo on flying mode, works fine if i use addCommandHandler instead addEventHandler... Clientside: triggerServerEvent ( "deluxo", resourceRoot) this is the triggerServerEvent that is activated by BindKey (Shift) but i got at line2 on serverside: Bad Argument @ ┬┤getPedoccupiedvehicle┬┤ [Expected Ped at Argument 1, got nil] I need help
  2. Attempt to do arithmetic on a nil value. And the code is: --Here you have the tables playersT = {"VaporZ"} moneyT = {"100"} addCommandHandler("deposit", function(player, commandName, amount) --Here is our "nil" value (I often use "100" for "amount", when I have $12,000) for k, v in ipairs(playersT) do if(string.match(playersT[k], getPlayerName(player))) then if amount and (tonumber(amount) <= getPlayerMoney(player)) then local i = table.find(players, getPlayerName(player)) local am = tonumber(amount) --Setting "am" as "amount", but changed into number takePlayerMoney(player, am) --Here's everyting ok moneyToLow = tonumber(moneyT[i]) - am --But here is a problem with "am" IDK why ("Attempt to do arithmetic on a nil value") moneyT[i] = tostring(moneyToLow) outputChatBox ("#09ff00Transfered into bank account #ffffff$" .. amount .. "#09ff00!", player, 255, 255, 255, true) end elseif(not string.match(playersT[k], getPlayerName(player))) then local size = table.size(playersT) local i = size + 1 playersT[i] = getPlayerName(player) moneyT[i] = amount takePlayerMoney(player, tonumber(amount)) outputChatBox ("#09ff00Transfered to bank account #ffffff$" .. amount .. "#09ff00!", player, 255, 255, 255, true) end end end) I will say only one thing - What The *F word here*?! Help!
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