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  1. GTA:U - Global GTASA mod. Add ViceCity and LibetryCity. OpenVice- Add only Vice City. Samp work with global GTA modification (samp adaptation - http://www.gtasrv.ru/index_en.html ). How I can run server with MTASA? It will very cool =). Can you create adaptation with mods? I can't using samp, because It sux.
  2. If I run server in my home PC, all ok. SQLite work in first server.
  3. ??? I using Windows and running Server with admin-right.
  4. Now I done accaonts.xml. I want SQLite First work server
  5. In the server.log: [2010-06-26 11:39:31] ERROR: Could not open SQLite3 database! (unable to open database file) [2010-06-26 11:39:31] Conversion Failed: 'accounts.xml' failed to load. PS current mode- race upd: I was able to deal with accounts.xml, But SQLite does not work Also in the Race record not saved
  6. Yo everyone. I'm using Windows Server 2008 and 2 MTA:SA 1.0.4 servers. But I've got some trouble. After installing a 2nd server it says "Cannot load SQLite database". also it can't write data into accounts.xml. What's the problem? How to fix it? P.S. Server was copy-pasted, not re-installed
  7. I'm supporting blog for russian people, I translate MTA news on the Russian. UPD: link
  8. Hi. Operate GPL on site content? (mtasa.com), or or is a copyright subject?
  9. Oh... Thanks... I'd hoped, that gamemode extend as OpenSource Software.... I'm wanting localization this gamemod on Russian... Where can I get opensource Attack/Defence gamemode?
  10. Why I can not edit source? See screen: (I've try use Notepad, Notepad++, akelpad)
  11. Hello all. I can't run amx-emulator in the MTASA 1.0 (last release). If I start server, in console I see error:
  12. IInkvizitor

    MTA Unicode

    I'm live in Russia and I know, what MTA very unpopular and because... Russian people love convenience and simplicity
  13. IInkvizitor

    MTA Unicode

    you sure. But russian gamers prefer SAMP because it supports Unicode and Cyrillic! Look: NOW in SAMP gemes ~1000 players, and MTA ~ 60 (!!!). Principal cause of it - Unicode!!
  14. IInkvizitor

    MTA Unicode

    For Russian сщььгтшен it is important! I'm advance MTASA among Russian people, but they are dissatisfied with absence Cyrillic in the ingame-chat and GUI. Transition to Unicode very important part of advancement MTA, and it it is extremely necessary for to entice players SAMP
  15. IInkvizitor

    MTA Unicode

    MTA dev. must add Cyrillic, because in the f*king samp it be! Absence Cyrillic is a unique minus! PS. If we make Cyrillic for MTA, MTA developers add it in MTA realease? plz
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