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  1. They started already... but using the Vice City engine. And you never know what sort of difficulties might come up. It's a bit early to ask that kind of thing.
  2. GTA2 also didn't offer support for non-english characters. Just live with it.
  3. T-1000

    A few suggestions

    This makes no sense. They're not supposed to do that. This is not the point of MTA. Same goes for this.
  4. MTA VC 0.4 was way too buggy, it crashed a lot, so many players sticked to 0.3r2. I happen to find 0.5 the most stable version ever. Ive managed to get through the errors by using the original exe (patch 1.1 was causing all the problems). I have yet to experience a single crash, but ive been playing MTA for a long time and i cant just deal with this whole non-jump issue. So thats why im broadening my horizons with MTA GTA 3 and VC stunt. VC DM just isnt fun anymore. I bet many people agree.
  5. Damn! I was about to be the first one to post! Screw u all!
  6. T-1000

    First 0.5 Screenshots!

    The GUI improvements are a huge step forward. MTA is certainly more unified. And judging by the screenshots, it feels very polished and every side of it (client/server/server listing) has been seriously taken into account. But the most important thing to me is stability, it has been a major headache to everybody and hopefully (as I've read) most of those nasty regular crashes were sorted out, thanks to all the bug reports. Excellent work, I can't wait to download and try it out!
  7. No healthbar... No player names... Only one spawn point... It was way too buggy and with tons of crashes. Maybe one day I'll play it again but not for now. Anyway I don't have it anymore, very unstable... Good luck playing though!
  8. You can already set a ping-kick with MTAmA, yes. That quick bandwidth test you speak of could be a bit stressful for the servers, it doesn't seem a good idea. Anyway, dialup users are aware of their so-called "advantage" and (at least those who aren't noobs) try to use servers with the lowest ping possible.
  9. I didn't get the question, are you asking if MTA will install mods when joining servers? Don't know about that. As for the player count, it will certainly support more players, since the current lag will (hopefully) be fixed.
  10. It seems that most features from the singleplayer game will be available in MTA, so yes, it will be possible to cause real damage with the Hunter. However, it will be up to the admins to decide whether this should happen or not (most servers will most certainly disable it).
  11. It will most probably be fixed, since the new core will be fully integrated within the game. So I'm guessing that no kind of separate client will be used, therefore this bug will no longer exist.
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