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  1. Do u want another sa-mp? They have made it really long, but think how good it comes. There are`nt many multiplayers where are so much extra stuff made by multiplayer creators. But here are coming map editor, text displays, teleport and so on. If u want play mp that is made with few months visit http://www.sa-mp.com Just a few months? SA-MP has a year's worth of work into it, son, and thats not including the base that we've been working on since April of 2005.
  2. Cam.

    I need a good reason

    SA-MP doesn't have good sync? Since when? MTASA's video's demonstrate two players shooting. I'd like to see what it looks like with more players. 30, for instance. There is some lag in the server with 50+ people, but everything in SA-MP is dead on with 2 players in a server, and even it's even better in lanmode. There's a difference between 2 players and 100 players. Looking forward to MTA:SA's DM release.
  3. IPL Editor was released a couple days ago. It can edit San Andreas maps.
  4. Please, stop comparing VC-MP/SA-MP to MTA Blue, yes, it's a matter of opinion but we're not competing.
  5. Cam.


    Landlocked by Elison or something. I don't remember what site I got it off of, ask me if you want it, I can send it to you. I think Mr. Jax knows the site. Here. Yeah, the song is pretty good.
  6. Cam.


    is that made in C++??? nice gui for a C++ application. Delphi.
  7. Look who's talking... Nice bump, by the way.
  8. Cam.

    Vehicle Rotation

    Rotation matrix = CVehicle + 20 Thanks to jacob for finding the address. Find more Here.
  9. Cam.


    Yeah, nothing to worry about... The site will be back soon.
  10. Cam.


    The sync is already looking great... Hell, when a car turns you see the driver steering it and the wheels rotate.. http://www.sa-mp.com/screens/mediaSA/media7.jpg
  11. Cam.

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    Triple post. Nice to see you around, doon.
  12. If you were downloading your ping was high, so when you connected it saw your ping as 0 for awhile and your packetloss was problably high, thus why it banned you.
  13. Cam.


    Those are drivebys you see. Looks very impressive. Good work.
  14. Cam.


    You mean, the functions/addresses called to sync the animations? I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about, I'm not a programmer for MTA, but I'd imagine MTA would read an address from the player block and write it to the actor block when you do an animation...
  15. Lmao, signed... I delt with so many hackers its not even funny... Dumbass g00ns... If they hack the Partyserver, thats a major f*ckup on their part. Bring it on.
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