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  1. Hi Tut. I do not know how many times I need to tell you that I am feeling guilty for what I did. I believe you have more important things to do than deal with me. I would like to clarify the reason for my message so you can decide if you would read it or not. The reason is the following: About my behavior and my ban appeal. To start with I am aware of the rules which state that I am not allowed to bother you with appealing. Furthermore, about my behavior. I should not allow myself this attitude that I am representing right now. Back in the days when I found the spoofer I was mad happy that I was able to bypass the server-side ban without thinking about the consequences of my actions. Actually, I was doing ruinous stuff against players for like less than 1,5 weeks and after that I started playing as normal players. I do not have any clue how I can verify that I was doing what I wrote. You may be able to see how many serial changes I had before my first ban. Changing it suddenly stopped days before I got banned. Probably it will prove me right. I've already written 2-3 disqualification appeals, which was a failure for me so I thought it would be an awesome idea to get help from someone who has already evaded your ban. Apart from this, I was playing with my friends like other players did. Nobody claimed that I did not follow rules for months on servers. I felt remorseful so I tried to appeal my ban to clear myself which made it worse. You banned me through my IP. I thought no more stupidity could be committed. Guys were showing me entertaining videos which they made on the server while I was away and it made me figure out another way to evade your ban. ( deleted section ) I am repeating what I already wrote. I did not show any resentment against others. I suppose the point is of my speech is that I am telling the truth. I am asking you to keep this in your mind while you judge mine. Finally, about my ban appeal. It tortures that the appeal of others has been judged, but mine has not been for almost 2.5 weeks. I ask for one more chance, I would do anything to be able to play again with my bros. The case began a year and a half ago. A lot has changed since then and I can assure you that I have changed since then. I promise I will not commit any disgusting attitude to others. Have a good eve. Best regards, Pankox ( dc message + edited )
  2. I forgot to attach one of my serials. Here is one. 7A45DE285D218CAF70DC7957B156CCB4
  3. Hello Tut, Excuse me. I have no intention of harming others in the future. He was doing the same thing as me. I am aware that he had the same reason of ban. He just appealed a few months later than I did and that time when I asked for unban the antipathy against us was at the highest peak of all time. Please, I would like to ask you to be forgiving and let me have another chance. I regretted what I did and I promise you won't hear anything bad about me. I would like to mention that I feel entitled to have another chance as this guy got one that is why I am writing this appeal. I am absolutely sorry what I did and I look forward to your response. Best regards, Pankox
  4. It's been a while since my first ban appeal. Dutchman wrote You will consider we will get unban or won't. Is there any chance to I can have an unban for MASS SERIAL changing? one of my serials: 6C0BE5414E558738142E253D1A786281 Best regards, pankox
  5. Hey! Firstly, I got banned for MASS SERIAL CHANGING by You, I am not suprised. Secondly, I know you won't give unban in the near for those people who was using a serial changer. Thirdly, yes I know I was fault. I was playing on SeeMTA's servers, and I got ban from almost the most of server and that is why I used serial changer. Yes, that is true I was trolling, but it happend about 5-6 times and I got bored and started to play seriously. I have got about 10 serial which are can be linked to me. From those serials most likely 3-4 are I was trying to connect to the server, but I got ban as soon as I was connected and I could not play. I suppose if u contact with SeeMTA's developers and admins You can ask what was I doing on my last account. Everytime when I changed my serial for my last account at SeeMTA's UserControlPanel I asked for a serial changing and log back to my account, so that way You can follow that I did. To conclude, I want to play seriously and I would be really glad if u give me another change to show you I am not a fool, clown guy. I would not to try to do it again. I will attach one of my serials as a reply if you decide to give me a chance to prove it. Edit: Sorry, here is one of my serials. I thought I have not to attach. 6C0BE5414E558738142E253D1A786281
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