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  1. I'm waiting this feature soon too :), i hope mta team accept your PR
  2. That's pretty a good idea, btw i don't think that mta team will accept your request
  3. I think this resource is a copy from this one
  4. I know it , but there is no plugin for JetBrains products
  5. Hi I wanted to know is there any plugins or tools for IntelliJ based IDE's like CLion or PyCharm etc... ? I googled a lot without any hope
  6. So , we have an object local theObject = createObject(1959, 0, 0, 0) i want to know when a player beats theObject and for example if the total damage dealt was 100 then give the player an object
  7. marker = createMarker ( 2371.64, -1126.66, 1050.88 - 1, "cylinder", 0.7) marker:setInterior(8) marker:setDimension(1) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, function(hitElement, matchingDimension) -- parameter matchingDimension is a boolean value and not a int if hitElement:getType() == "player" and matchingdimension then outputDebugString("Player Hit The Marker!") end end)
  8. what do you mean by "insert more characters in my table" ?
  9. Oh , i got that it's a good idea bro Thank you for sharing it ♥
  10. So , first of all we have a table from choices available what we should do if we wanna make another table that has the 70% Chance to get the "First Item" and 15% Chance for "Second Item" and 15% for "Third Item" ?
  11. I already made this part , but idk how to code the part to combine items for example combinig 'item1' with 'item2' gets a new item e.g ('item3')
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