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  1. I was there too, all of the above is true.
  2. Hehehe I knew this would spark up some people to prove me wrong. I just thought it was strange to see them disappear overnight without any talk or news of it at the time.
  3. Just logged on and noticed, status bars have disappeared for 0.5.5 and Blue. Maybe it's all over for these two releases, I hope not though.
  4. I don't bother using the client ASE, I just use the main separate ASE Scanner for all games.
  5. Well this is how I see it. Let's face it, we all know how long it takes for a team to create/release a whole new core, (MTASA), and at the moment all we have is 0.5 to play while we're waiting which is just heaps too buggy. At least maybe release a patched version of 0.5 I reckon that fixes the crusader crap, suspected trainer usage, all that. Newbies still often play MTA over here in Australia, spawn as crusader, then die and spawn again and wonder what the hell is going on because they get disconnected every time they spawn as it. To me that would be enough to put any newbe off the release, which ain't good at all, just losing people really. But we all know that it is gonna take a fair while yet to release a whole new version of MTA, of course I'm referring to MTASA, in my opinion I just reckon a patched up 0.5 would be enough while we wait for mtasa. Just my thoughts. Also good to see some aussies back in the 0.3/4 days back yesturday, good stuff.
  6. Lol yeah funny shit mate, funniest thing on there is this line here: [15/05/2005 05:30] Kicking 'Vicer:VCK' for talking while on the "stfu" list **edited it**
  7. This error is really starting to p*ss me off, every time I try to connect to one particular server it times out straight away. I tried a bunch of other servers then tried connecting again but still no go. Turned firewall off, no difference. Tried reinstalling, resetting config file, reseting router, jeez what else is there..
  8. I've had a few friends with this problem, and it seems it can also be caused by if your sound doesn't work. May seem strange, I know, but it happens. Does your sound work fine for Vice?
  9. Yeah good idea Talidan, we've had heaps and heaps of newbies come into the servers in Australia, most of them don't have a clue what is going on when they see that error or their game crashes just after it plays the VC movie. It would be a lot easier if they knew from scratch what is going on instead of having to ask everyone first, so maybe a link to the working exe or something would be handy in a place everyone can see before they bother starting the game instead of having to search up on why it won't work.
  10. Good to see another Aussie wanting to get started on some MTA, welcome! The pass thing is only required if you are connecting to a server that has a password lock on it. Example, I make a server, and set a password. Then what you'd have to do is know the password I set for my server to enter it. Most of the time you won't need to fill that in anyway, because I'm guessing you will mainly be playing on public servers. So basically what I'm saying is don't bother filling that in at all unless you are trying to connect to a server that needs a password. Hope this helps!
  11. Just thought I'd let you know, we've got a Capture the Flag script currently running in Ozforces, one of our Aussies servers at the moment. Anybody is welcome to come and check it out if they want.
  12. Not sure what's going on with this now, doesn't look like anything will happen as quite a lot of our older regulars in Australia have just stopped playing since 0.5 was released. It's slowly making a comeback over here now though in my opinion, but I don't know how we'll get it back to what it used to be like.
  13. Could somebody please tell me what's happened to the MTA Blue website? For a few weeks now, mine has been coming up with "The page cannot be found". What's up with that?
  14. Hey guys, thanks for all your help. I ended up fixing the problem. I realised the only video driver I had not tried was my very oldest one, the one originally came with my PC. So I installed that, and perfect, frame rate problem is all fixed.
  15. Ok Mike I even tried your suggestion, and it is a little faster, but it still is quite choppy. It's fine on both resolutions if there's only a few people in the server, but once about 12 or more have entered, the framerate drops quite a bit. Still can't figure it out. Maybe my video card has had it, because even though it is an older card, it should be able to run mta fine, even if there's quite a few people in a server.
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