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    Hello guys is it possible to give a person access to a command? Syntax : /givecommand [command] [playername]
  2. _Marco_

    Column & Row

    I want when one item is placed in slot 1 the next item in slot 2 Slot tables are made according to the above method
  3. _Marco_

    Column & Row

    I want it to be in the slots with the above method.
  4. _Marco_

    Column & Row

    Ty Is it possible to do something that will be transferred to the second slot if the first slot is full? Example If the first slot has an item, the next item will be in the second slot
  5. _Marco_

    Column & Row

    Hi, how can I make rows and columns like the picture below? https://www.linkpicture.com/view.php?img=LPic5f7f31bfb0fc3841759827
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