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    Hello . How can I do something online while my name is not in the chat? As if I am not on the server
  2. Hi . How To Put All The Commands Inside A Resource In The Database So That None Of Them Are Duplicates Example : Resource Command = /goto . /mechanic . /vehspawn Create Column Whit ALTER TABLE Give Me Example Code
  3. _Marco_


    Can you give an example of how I can work with an fetchRemote? Send a text from the server to the site
  4. _Marco_


    @Patrick Help ?
  5. _Marco_


    Hello friends . How to transfer text to the web via a command. So that if he enters the command, it will write like a log on the site page
  6. _Marco_


    Hi, I need a script like getPlayerFromPartialName, but so that it is case sensitive
  7. _Marco_


    Hi. How to write a Inventory? So that it is connected to the database and the items are stored there
  8. _Marco_


    I want the admins to be alerted if the player send ip to chats
  9. _Marco_


    Hello, how can I specify an IP in chatbox?
  10. Hi, I wrote this but it does not work. Where is the problem? I want this function to follow a few commands function Test() outputChatBox("Ok") end addCommandHandler( {"Check", "Checkk", "checkkk"} )
  11. Hello, is it possible to make sure that the car does not explode when it catches fire and only smokes?
  12. _Marco_

    Row Data

    Hello, is it possible to take the internal contents of all rows and print numbers above 0? Image https://imgur.com/kvrb1o5
  13. Hi Yes I want a management system that can give each command separately to each player and store it in the database /givepermission [PlayerName] [Command To Give] Save To Mysql
  14. Hello, how can I save all the commands in the database and grant access to each one?
  15. _Marco_


    Hello friends How to create a slider like this https://imgur.com/AACZgFM
  16. _Marco_


    Thanks for the help
  17. _Marco_


    @Patrick Can I use this method if I also want numbers and letters? Q1e2-E3r4-t5Y6-u56i
  18. _Marco_


    Hello friends I want to make a line between all 4 letters It is possible to help Example: 1111222233334444 Convert To : 1111-2222-3333-4444
  19. _Marco_


    Isn't it possible with LUA? We do not need the Browser
  20. _Marco_


    Hello friends I needed help drawing a diagram similar to an image in LUA but the problem is I do not know where to start https://imgur.com/yPSppzt
  21. _Marco_


    Can you give me an example of how to do this? How to give a command to a multiplexer so that it is stored in the database?
  22. _Marco_


    I do not want to use the ACL I want to use the database to do this, is it possible? If possible, send materials or training in this regard
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