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  1. local sound = playSound3D("sounds/song.mp3", 373.14, -125.21, 1001, true) local uSound = playSound3D('http://977music.com/itunes/80s.pls', 2498, -1659, 12) You can either download the sound from the internet and then redirect it with the first code i copied or if you want to stream it from somewhere else you use the second code. I'm no scripter myself so there's not much i can do to help you more on this. Hope i could help you out
  2. Maybe try and run this resource: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=3940
  3. I've been looking for something like for some time now. It does look amazing! Really good job man! Instead of being zombies would it be possible to be players or both players and zombies?
  4. Great tutorial! Do you know if there's any command to show the mtaserver screen whenever i want? Everytime i login into my linux vps the mtaserver screen doesn't appear as it's working on the background so is there anyway of resuming it back up whenever i want to?
  5. Why don't you use the is object in aclgroup function? Create the groups you want on acl and use that function. I'm no programmer myself but i already saw alot of code as i'm a server owner so it's usually that function that is used to those kind of things.
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