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  1. I've heard that is not possible because they can't change gta3.exe because that would be illegal. I'm not sure though, maybe someone can confirm this?
  2. In Red Alert 2 you've also got custom maps, if you join a game with a custom map you don't have it will be transfered from the host to you, maybe you can do that in MTA also? And about mapping, I liked to change the standard GTA1 map, I made cars drive in the harbor in the southwest of liberty city. Anyways, I s*ck at graphics so I can't design new houses and stuff myself, but I would like to help out at maps if needed. I just don't know how to, and I wonder if my PIII 1000 MHz is good enough for the 3d stuff.
  3. Come one drdre, some people just don't like rpg's, some do. Ofcourse it's stupid to say they should die. But I think saying only stupid people don't like rpg's is rubbish also. You can't argue about taste.
  4. I think bandwith shouldn't be wasted with weather syncronisation. But the player with dark weather might have a downside. Maybe always good weather? Or the same weather at x game time generated by the pc (I think I have read that last idea somewere else at this forum for vehicle sycronisation or peds syncronisation, so it's not my own idea) ps: I haven't looked up syncronisation, you guys understand it right?
  5. PIII 1000 MHz, 256 MB SDRAM, GeForce 2 GTS, motherboard unknown, soundblaster 128 pci, 19 inch monitor Should be enough I think, and other people who can know, geforce 2 GTS is old but still not that bad. I run at 800x600x16 though, I don't know the framerate. I'll download the program to do that tomorrow or something. ps: Yes, pc bought at aldi. ps#2: I don't own it, it's my father's pc.
  6. Yeah they're Dutch. So am I.
  7. Now that's a opinion with good arguments! Nice work.
  8. That's good news. Also that all those people complaining about the progress counter not being updated now won't complain any more.
  9. It's not the first time somebody tells me my spelling (I hope I spell that right ) in English is bad, this was just a very bad moment. Darn.
  10. O come on! I've only been a member of this forum for a few days and I've seen this question a couple of times now! Just read around and you'll find the answer. *sigh*
  11. Well chaps, why don't you speak correctly like us Brittish. Wezz6400, also dutch, out.
  12. It's always illegal, even if you're not caught, I only copy games because I think 50 euro's is too much for a single game. Yet I didn't anyone who had GTA3 so in the end I just bought it, and I never regret that.
  13. I think blokker_1999 is right, if g0lden wants to say this we should not forbid him to do that. If he believes what he is saying is true, we can't forbid him to believe that. What we can due is write down why we think mta will be so great. I think mta will be so great because even before I had the game I thought it was a pitty multiplayer was left out, and when I got it I thought that even more. Single player is a lot of fun, but imagine what it'll be like to have to cheetah's (that's what that type of really fast cars are called aren't they? I do play but I don't look at the car names. ) crashing in to eachother, and then two guys get out and start running around eachother while shooting with uzi's, then suddenly one is run over by a flatbed and the other gets shot by someone on the back with a m16. Then the truck drives away fast but there come a few other cheetah's which stop the flatbed and start shooting at it untill it explodes and all cars explode also. Won't that be a lot of fun? And that it's possible has already been proven by .02, .03 will really prove that there is good progress and that these guys will be able to produce a stable multiplayer mod. Wezz6400 out.
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