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  1. Hello, Today, we will talk about the Toplist service provided by MTA. Toplist service is now considered as a player collection service in MTA Turkey because those who receive Toplist service see the player they have not seen. In the past, everyone worked hard and got rewarded. Now you buy the Toplist service and you see 100 players, it's bull:~. I tried to mention this situation to the MTA managers, but most of them did not even respond. Don't you think this is ridiculous? Servers that have been working for years / servers with high players are at the bottom of the list. This should now be regulated. Sample; Today I saw that a few servers receive 2 Toplist services and redirect to their servers. At the very least, this may only apply to main servers. It should not be allowed to receive more than one Toplist service and redirect to the servers.
  2. This year, we lost our position at MTA that we have been working for for 15 years, frankly, it has not been a good year for us. Moreover, the MTA manager did not help after stating that he would help, frankly, we were not taken seriously. I hope you won't have any problems like we did, hope the next year will be good. ATG Community Manager - Wanted
  3. ++ This topic has been open since 11 days, but I can't get a response about it. As I mentioned, there is an issue that I am a victim of. I want you to help. I hope you understand my grievance and help me. Best regards and love...
  4. Hello, Our servers with a large audience will have problems with the position and we want to take precautions. I recently received an e-mail from the company we are in and the content of the mail was as follows; Mail Screenshot: https://imgur.com/0AnaRlU Translate of the mail: In the article I mentioned above, the company states that the IP will change necessarily. Since the current IP position on the MTA list is in the rankings, we don't want the position to go because this is the reason for player loss for us. The company said that we had to change the IP and it could not help in any way. We do not want to lose our current position. I would like you to help in this matter.
  5. Hello, How can I open a .dffc file whose password I know? I've been searching for a long time but couldn't find it. We want to open some of the files we have locked, I would appreciate it if you help those who know about it. Good forums
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