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  1. I can offer my candidacy, I have been playing for 410 hours, I know the server well, the administrator knows me UndecomingMedic9
  2. Привет, на сервере очень мало администраторов, поэтому изменить карту может быть очень сложно
  3. https://yapx.ru/v/HCzQk I accidentally threw a grenade into the wall, and he blocked me
  4. Hi Ein, I'm Danya))) I think you remember me))) I found a bug on endless ammunition on sniper weapons. during reloading, you just need to click on the scope and select another weapon) https://youtu.be/pzy1bsLf_Ys
  5. https://yapx.ru/v/GzdoS Why do we have crosses of different sizes, although the rank is the same -22 ???
  6. Hello, I have a couple of questions. 1 Why, when the blue team wins, the flag of the United States and not the USSR shows, because the USSR did 70% of the victory, and it was the USSR that suffered major losses, it was possible to at least show two flags together 2. Why does the eagle on the flag, in the air, and the plane on the tail do not have a swastika? 3 How to become an administrator or moderator?
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