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  1. Well hello comunity , when i was mapping i decieded to add samp map editor file to mya MTA file to get all objects it got done but i got problem , when i click on "new map" it start new map but it start show me save panel always , i can't map because every 10 secounds it shhow me save panel automaticly , but it start show me when i start new map , can someone help me please , thanks ! Screenshot :
  2. Hello Comunity , when i was mapping i found problem , i can't remove world objects like treees and weapons etc... i tried many tmes but it won'( , can someone help me or give me solution please thanks!
  3. Hello , here we go https://www.game-state.com/
  4. @Dutchman101 hello sir , in the past i got banned from forum because you was thinking im Mustafa and before few monnths you unbanned me because you found the right , before unban i maked accounts to try to talk with you but you banned me , when you unbanned me on forum i maked new account in discord and i joined discord then i did stay few months before few hours someone name "thor" banned me reason "evading ban" when i contacted him he said i have 3 accounts banned in discord ; and he told me i must talk to who banned me first to unban me can you unban my last account please because the first ones was with temp maile , can you unban my discord account "Liyones#3584" please , with my respect and love , liyones! Im banned by : the first acounts was banned by @Dutchman101 and the last one by @Tut discord name : Liyones#3584 'hope you unban my discord acc , because the 3 old ones was open with temp mail"
  5. Dear MTA Comunity , Well , Hello Comunity today i was thinking why MTA do not use Map Editor Online then we can help each other in mapping and max players can join server is 4 , let me explain more , when someone join map editor he will not find anyone there but he can make just a server inside map editor and he can join other one but server will be locked auto , must ask owner to give you password so you can join server and help map owner , thank you!
  6. Well , hello MTA comunity , can someone help me please , how i can know my xyz position because i was making script and i need to know my position xyz , can someone help me please ! thanks !
  7. Dear SAES Comunity Well , Hello i was playing the server since 3 years and i was very active and i liked the sever very much because server reputation was good and when i was new there are admins and players helped me and showed me how to play , but sadly i was breaking rules all times and i got many adminjails and some bans , since 4 months i got perm banned for breaking rules after previous ban , that was big lesson to me because that's not good to break rules , and owner warned me he was thinking i stole his server scripts and that wasn't my server when i joined the server i found SAES scripts , i know i was admin there but i left the server since days now , so finally i would like to say to @Brophy and all SAES admins and HQ Team im really pretty sorry for that i know you gave me enough chances and i broke rules many times , and in the 4 months i improved my self and i learned to do not break rules again and also i changed my reputation in SAES and i will be a good guy next time , hope you understand me ! thanks !
  8. hello , guys im looking for a professionel scripter , i got some bugs in my server and i want fix them and also i want make a scripts please , can someone help me !
  9. i need mapper tooo, i will contact you .
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