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  1. Hi! here a problem appeared, on the server of the tank purchase marker and the stores look like this (https://ibb.co/wstD9Gc)
  2. Magnification of the sight on a sniper rifle (all sniper rifles that have optics) XD works Here are the screenshots: https://ibb.co/QHtsM7L https://ibb.co/yyGFr9c
  3. hello))) the zoom on all sniper weapons does not work. https://ibb.co/BnCX6TQ https://ibb.co/GH4Z0yY https://ibb.co/NLR06L1
  4. He built a new computer, but he doesn’t remember the data from the account, I know this player, he have a "Unik" login
  5. sad about tracers.... What should players who have forgotten their username or password do? how can they get their progress back?
  6. hi! I haven't written here for a long time. Hey, you can add a bullet tracer? I played daze mta there are such cool bullet tracers, I would like something similar in saaw
  7. hi, I want the administrator of "Danya" to be removed from the post of administrator. The problem is that he is inadequate and swears with the players. Angered a player from Israel, after which Danya began to mock him but at the same time I worked these hours honestly, and he stood afk probably
  8. there are just moments when you accidentally enter a store point in a difficult battle and you are killed
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