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  1. É só refazer ela do zero e depois modificar como você queria a do Moderador. Aqui está ~> https://pastebin.com/H8Cm3X1A
  2. I think that's not the way. The MTA Staff team should add more criteria and increase moderation to avoid too many repeat IP's. Check that the server is not fake and is on a hosting list as I said, etc. Raising the price would only make it difficult for people to follow the line correctly. The problem is the abuse of it. There should be an IP blacklist and others (if it doesn't already exist).
  3. Your essay is :Oing really necessary. I've seen a lot of stupid people abusing of it. There's a hosting company here in Brazil called FlipHost that automatically add tons of servers in the queue to sell faster the toplist when they reach the time to pay and that's it. They also increase the price to sell faster the hosting with the toplist activated. This full system need's a rework and fast because now it's impossible to normal people (I mean people that are starting now a server) to reach this :Oing queue. It's totally unfair. These hosting companys should have an authorization and if there's the same IP with a different ports on the queue this must be analyzed by the staff.
  4. Baixa o Driver Booster (a versão grátis) na Steam, atualiza tudo que der por lá e tenta pra eu ver uma coisa. Meu amigo tava com o mesmo erro, fez isso e funcionou. https://store.steampowered.com/app/920490/Driver_Booster_for_Steam/
  5. Esse sistema de mover os móveis me pareceu muito interessante. Vou entrar no Discord para seguir o projeto. Se precisarem de ajuda com algo é só me dar um toque.
  6. Parece bem legal, vou entrar pra ver como é
  7. Me chama no Discord, bora resolver isso. É bem fácil ~ Carlos Dorelli#9932
  8. Você pode gravar um vídeo mostrando as suas configurações de áudio e que não está funcionando? Aguardo sua resposta.
  9. Hello, I want to remove my profile from Google indexing, is there a option to it?
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