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  1. What MTA Server version do you using? In the future - if someone needs help, or found a bug, wants to give an advice - please consider using my GitHub Issues, or DM me.
  2. In the beginning, the script had hungarian variables, and probably didn't rewrite it. I fix this, thank you.
  3. Hi! I created a script which can send messages from server to Discord on Webhooks. You can find the tutorial in here. A little help if someone wants to log the server messages, commands using the webhook system https://gist.github.com/preilakos/9cf9b63bdc47e1468cdcd045f6e39ca5 Download from GitHub
  4. A few months ago i created a horse script in MTA:SA. I decided to publish it, because i haven't got time to work on it. Its not a working script, it needs some work, i just wrote functions. If you find my script useful, you can donate a few dollars to me on PayPal. Thank you! You can find it on GitHub.
  5. Hey! I made a new mtasa community design. I tried to use material design, and Roboto font. Link (imgur)
  6. Hi! I'm only posted a code snippet above. The script isn't ready to release, and i don't plan to continue in the future.
  7. Hi! I created a cinema script, but when i want to show a video from any site, shows me an error message. The Code:
  8. Azóta már komolyabban belefolytam a lua használatába, de köszönöm szépen a válaszodat.
  9. Send message to Discord from MTA:SA STEP I. Make a new webhook on your Discord server STEP II. Change the variable to your webhook URL. STEP III. Start the resource, and test it with the /dcmessage <string> command, or use it with another script using the following export: exports.webhook:sendDiscordMessage("string") Download the script here.
  10. Get the Ped's health with getElementHealth and draw to screen with dxDrawText. If you want set the ped's default displayed health to 100 divide the getElementHealth with 100.
  11. Hi! I'm looking for a quality poker script. If you know one, please send the download link below. Thanks, MrZsemle
  12. Hi! I know this is an article from 2012, but the MTA now supporting the custom IFP animations. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineLoadIFP
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