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  1. Hello everybody. Well... I've problems with my server since I updated MTASA, the game crashes everytime, sometimes parts of the map aren't showed (from default map, not custom map): Invisible floor, disappeared buildings... It isn't a problem of the map, anything has been deleted, sometimes things are visible and sometimes invisible and FPS go down and the game crashes... Sometimes game can't load shaders of resources... It isn't problem of my pc, I created this server with a bad laptop, low fps but it runs good and without crashes, since 5 months ago I have a desktop pc, 8gb ram, 3,6ghz cpu, ati radeon hd 7650 gpu, it ran so goooood, but when I updated it... fail. It's the server, when I play others server there aren't crashes What can I do? Thanks!
  2. Hi Could someone tell me how can I make the night darker? for a zombie server And I'd like have the backpack system like DayZ servers, there is something about it? I don't know why but I can't attach elements rightly with bone_attach -.- Thanks
  3. Hi! I'm not sure If this thread should be here or not (sorry) Well.. For some reason today I have gone to edit my map and Map Editor doesn't load any map, and doesn't let me create new maps because something like "Impossible load or save while a map is being loading" even if I haven't selected load any map... What's happening? (Sorry about my english)
  4. Hi everybody and Happy new year!! Well I have a question.. In my server appears "Gamemode: MTA:SA" and "Map: None" and I'd like to personalize it What I should do? Thanks!
  5. Hi! I've worked too hard on my server and I want to know If I could make the files (resources, scripts...) private If somebody steal something from my server I'd feel so hurt -.- Maybe it sounds selfish I don't know but I want make files private Is it possible? Thanks for answer (Sorry about my english, I'm spanish)
  6. yep! solved, it was binded more than once because of onPlayerSpawn, every time spawn +1 bind D= I've used onPlayerJoin and unbind onPlayerQuit to prevent bugs, I think this won't cause bugs (I hope) (Solved)
  7. Hi everybody I've done an script to create an object in player coords when some player press "k" or type /bloqueo when I use /bloqueo it's created and everything is good, but when press "k" it's created 2 or 3 times I don't know why, it should work like /bloqueo (everything works ok with the command, it's problem of account's data, money, lvl... this works ok) function barrera ( pla, dim ) local account = getPlayerAccount(pla) local zombiekills = getAccountData(account,"Zombie kills") if (zombiekills >= 50) then dinero = getPlayerMoney ( pla ) if (dinero > 30 ) then if not isPedInVehicle(pla)then local x,y,z=getElementPosition(pla) local xx,yy,zz=getElementRotation(pla) local madera = createObject(3260, x,y, z+0.15,xx,yy+90,zz+180) takePlayerMoney ( pla, 30 ) outputChatBox("*Barrera de madera construida ($30)*", pla, 255, 0, 0) else outputChatBox("*No puedes construir barrera desde el vehículo*", pla, 255, 0, 0) end else outputChatBox("*Necesitas $30 para construir una barrera*", pla, 255, 0, 0) end else outputChatBox ( "*Nivel 2 requerido para construir barreras*", pla, 255, 0, 0 ) end end addCommandHandler ( "bloqueo", barrera ) function bindK () bindKey (source,"k", "down", barrera) end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",getRootElement(),bindK) what's happens? Thanks!
  8. Thanks!!! So the the server wouldn't be showed on game-monitor, but it will run and will be showed on servers browser of MTA. Right? Thanks α7мα∂qтя !!
  9. Hi! Well, I've been doing a server from a long time ago, I still have to edit things but I want ask for some things about the server... At the moment I play it just to test the gamemode, scripts and everything but I havent put it online yet (I have got closed the ports) The console says this when I start the server: "[2012-12-17 03:14:55] Querying game-monitor.com master server... failed! (302: Moved temporarily)" Is this because of the ports are closed yet or it's a problem hard to fix? If I open them, it'll work? Thanks!
  10. Hi This is the first time I try to add a "gif" so I've found this and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong Please somebody can help me? I want put a gif (by sprites..) in the hud but it doesn't spawn.. sw,sh are defined... it works for all modded hud. the files are 1rad.png, 2rad.png ..... 31rad.png (they are added in meta) gif = dxDrawGifImage ( sw*0.92,sh*0.15,sh*0.04,sh*0.04, "%srad.png", 0, "png", 120 ) I don't know what is wrong, I haven't put any gif before some idea? Thanks!
  11. yeah.. I modified the first (weapon-stid) for my server, I put particular positions and rotation for every slot of weapon, the original only has particular position for 2 slot (pistols and uzi/tec/mp5).. and all other weapons in the back with 15º of rotation between weapons but too ramdom... I believe that here there is several people who can mix it easily, I have modified a lot of resources, scripts.. and I have done some script full by me but I'm just a noob. I'm gonna try it in anyway But if anyone is encouraged to do it, it'd be great for MTA community in my opinion! thanks for answer! (sorry for my english)
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