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  1. why this? VC-MP will be released in a few days
  2. nice! that's what we were waiting for after a month without development updates
  3. Every post I wrote here regards the ViceCity Deathmatch part of MTA0.5. There's a bug that appear when you shot with m4 while you press wasd keys. You will stop and start shooting but the other players will see you step right/left. Ask to [uVA]Smoke, he should know the right way to make it appear
  4. whoa.... anyway did the betatesters find the m4 desync, the STUBBY GLITCH (fond 5 minutes after the release), the crashes of the Spectator mode, the armor glitch.....
  5. Couse she doesn't know anything about programming. You can't defend the MTA team here... they released a program they didn't test. 0.5 is like a WinXP that has a bluescreen when you click "start"
  6. 1. "Top secret uber leet betatesting"? Who said that? 2. Are you saying that 0.5 is more buggy than 0.4 which crashed consistently before the 0.4.1 update? True, there are new bugs, but you "forgot" to mention that they also fixed many of 0.4's bugs. 3. How do you know that people won't come back? 4. 0.5 was not pleasing for you because, as you state, you only play VC DM. Both Stunt mode and GTA3 were improved significantly in 0.5. These improvements may be the reason why VC DM was disappointing because they spent less time on it and may have been more prone to "quick fixes." eAi said that there are currently no plans to combine a Blue core for multiple GTA games in the future, so this may well be a good thing. well f*ck you JonChappell whoever you are. 95% of the community plays Deathmatch mode (with or without RPG scripts) The most rilevant bug on 0.4 was the respawn crash. 0.3rc2 is still the best MTA multiplayer ever released. Most of 0.5 VCDM bugs are so evident that my 12yold sister could find and fix them in 5 minutes.
  7. Can't you make an exception for me and some other die hard-mta'ers we could make you a weekly review of all the shit that contains buggs or aren't good... Greetz You can do that with mta 0.5 Asslicker! We found the stubbyglitch 5 minutes after the release. the so far great MTA product.. mta0.5?
  8. are you joking or what It's impossible to have that ping on European servers if you are American and vice versa, and I hope people here don't think 100 is a higher ping on MTA
  9. Can I join? Thanks Crack for calling me
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