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  1. DayZ Zombie Apocalypse DayZ Zombie Apocalypse is a friendly community, that would like to invite players to come play in our server, in our server we have weapons like M4 and Sniper Rifles. And also backpacks like Ghillie Backpack and Coyote Backpack. The server features: Money: U can get money by killing zombies - from 1 zombie u get 20$, also by killing people, when someone dies they drop 20$, later u can spend that money in the shop. The SafeZone: We have a chill zone where u can't die in the middle of the map, it is located in the green area on the map u can get music from safezone, also u can buy weapons there, and u have events that happen there on the weekends, u can't die in safezone, events on the weekends, an Admin spawns army box on the safezone and some vehicles. Airdrops: They occur every 30 minutes, dropping in a random place on the map, in one airdrop u can get 10 assault mags and 10 sniper mags, a Coyote Backpack which has 46 slots, 2 M4s and 2 Sniper Rifles. Vehicles: on the server there are 150+ vehicles located all over the map. Here is our discord:https://discord.gg/wQRWZYUdgn Come play on the server the ip is:mtasa:// i wish u a good time on our server!
  2. if ur still here mate can u help me? because i do not know how to put it on the login panel once i putted it as a resource thats not in the login panel it worked but the login button didnt show
  3. Hello guys! i need help i want to add to my login panel so once player is on login panel the image will change every second for example from this to this every second
  4. u can't if the player wants to move while performing an animation he has to move and type quickly the animation, by the way it doesn't work on some animations. Good Luck!
  5. Hey everyone! Can someone give me a DayZ Admin Duty system when i type /duty it goes into duty? i couldn't find it anywhere on the internet and it looks like this
  6. hey can u send me the gamemode?
  7. it has m4 cz and its corrupted
  8. hey im looking for SAPG:DayZ Gamemode or MGT:DayZ Gamemode a gamemode that has sniper rifles m4 army box gamemode looks like this http://prntscr.com/te9u9w
  9. do you have any kind of trainer even installed? Even if you're using it for any game, it'll get you kicked. You may get a global ban (from MTA) if you use them even if you don't use them on MTA. Happen to me but I was luckily just kicked like you. BTW MBY It's a problem with the latest Avast beta. Uninstall it.
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