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  1. This was a while back when i learned this trick but every time it works, i laugh my ass off. First I'd get into a intense car chase, make sure the guy is about 3-4 seconds behind. Make my way over to Starfish Island, where there is a little alley heading towards some docks. I'd quickly pull in there while the persuer passes by. Then I'd set my car up right at the end of the alley (so they cant see the end of the docks) now as they speed towards me thinking that there gonna T-bone me, I slam the car in reverse and watch them go flying into the Great Blue Sea. SPLASH!!!! I cant believe how many ppl fall for this trick.
  2. I press and hold the esc, till my finger goes blue then release and double tap esc again, works for me. Some times while playing I time out with out noticing, thats when I use Control, Alt, delete and end task the VC exe.
  3. Lets assume you are right. How many servers can you play in at one time? If you can get in at good 12 person server that is full then stop your bitchin' that's the best you could ever do. Are you some kinda weak kneed follower type that has to see 1000 full servers that you are not playing in to prove that it is fun? If you enjoy it play it. oh thankyou all mighty wise one, due to the amount of cheats circlating these days. It may take a person to a couple of trys to find a server that you can play for more then 5 seconds without crashing. If there are only 2 servers running at any given time than you are pretty much shit out of luck now aren't you. I was also making a observation on the fact that server and player numbers have seen a sharp drop in the last month or so. Or would you like me to start another thread entitled "CHEATERS!!!" or "CRASHES" seeing that we already have enough of those floating around. No wonder MTA is losing players due to assholes like you. Thank you and Goodnight. PS I am using ASE. Thanks Cray.
  4. I noticed that slowly players numbers have been declining, but this is pathetic, as of right now there are 2 count them 2 servers with people playing. And those 2 servers have a whooping 25 players on them. Whats going on here? Ps I talking about mta 0.2.2
  5. eL bAd


    Then get a sniper rifle yourself. Who says VC is fair, its pretty much anarchy out there.
  6. eL bAd


    thanks, is there any work to sync any of those weapons?
  7. eL bAd


    I've been looking for a sniper rifle, haven't been able to find one, nor to I think there is one. It would be cool to have it. I know with some of the lag and netcode problems the sniper rifle may be useless but what the hell. Id still give it a try. Thanks.
  8. eL bAd

    just a suggestion

    About your idea, I know someone that has made his own, but for a different game. Shows the map, with players name, shows what direction they are facing, and even keeps stats.
  9. Thanks, Imperial I'll probaly pick VC up soon, so I'll be joining you guys hopefully in the future. About that idea, just dreaming thats all Maybe they will do something like that in the future
  10. Hey new here, I don't have VC on PC but the multiplayer aspect interests me, just a few questions if you don't mind. 1. How is it? Reading the forum I see there are alot of bugs, and ppl talking about the netcode. Is it worth buying the game to play MP? 2. How many players currently play? Theres acouple of versions of MTA which is the most popular. 3. What kind of game types are there? From what I understand theres DM, and TDM. 4. Are there any plans to make more Game types, Versions, or mods? Here's my dream of a GTA multiplayer...Make it an RPG type game, I mean keep the same game play, but bring the whole city alive. Maybe pay for an account that saves all your stats, money, cars, even a house. Kind of like neverwinter nights. Start the game off as some low life thug, beat people up to get money. Move your way up to some rich ass King Pin, rolling banks for millions. Have the ability to own your own place, eg. apartment, warehouse, mansion, what ever. Every person walking the streets, is another player. They can shoot you, you can shoot them. Players can start up gangs for gang wars, make it like a living breathing city. Anyways just afew thoughts. Cheers
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