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  1. Why not have a player-class that gets point for destroying abandoned cars?
  2. Check it out : http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?act=ST&f=58&t=118421&s=2e0f26793f91e5e69a5eab14d0acf662 http://www.divxland.org/gta/shoutcastradio/ [/url]


    Good idea (Would be even better if you could move around with it 2)
  4. Just don't allow noobs to create new threads the first week after they register. Also make a separate catagory on the board for them to post their asses off (allow them to create new threads here). p.s. Noobs will probably start spamming other threads asking why they can't create threads, but it's worth a shot...
  5. And call it "kill the cheater"
  6. Finaly replies As said I posted this in the K-line sticky thread, but that seems to not get a lot of admin attention. I was banned when (I believe it was) IJsvogel had to ban everybody from the server to prevent some hacker to get in or something, I just never got unbanned. The same thing happened to a few other (RobPol), as can be read in the K-sticky thread.
  7. This just in; I'm still banned....
  8. Hello, hello? IS THIS THING ON?????
  9. Since the k-line sticky doesn't seem to get a lot of attention... *bump*
  10. I posted this in the k-line sticky thread 2 days ago but I don't know if anybody still reads it (looks a bit dead to me), so I decided the start a new thread. (sorry for the inconveniance)
  11. Was banned (like some of the others were) during the hack attack. I thought I would be unbanned in couple of mins, then I thought I would be unbanned in a couple of hours, then I thought I would be unbanned in a couple of days, then I found this topic.
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