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  1. i am working on a small movie. mhhh i hope that it will work. preview soon
  2. Binder

    MTAMA Scripting

    How to install a script?
  3. Why does some people dont die again. Is no fix in progress for this=
  4. Operating System Win XP Home + SP1 Vice City dir d:\GTA Vice City MTA dir (all) d:\GTA Vice City Exe or Zip Exe auto or manual install auto Where you got it good question! i think mtavc.com Mirror possibly How you installed it doubleclick on the exe and choose my dir Did you ever get the error message "Cannot find MTA_dll.dll" or someting similar no It works fine!
  5. question -> topic I tested Adobe Premiere Trail but it was to hard for me. What is better to add a few effects?
  6. I cant find many games with MTA VC 0.2.2. Only a few full and a few 0 people server. What happened?
  7. i run on mty pc the tool to :&/
  8. the server doenst work in my pc too, my friend cant connect (((
  9. yes with stopped firewall @wartech: how to use this?
  10. no router, my pc is direct connected do my dsl modem and the server is in tne network behind my pc but not firewalled.
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