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  1. I don't understand whats up with players on mta ,There are more server owners than players in community. It wasn't like this 3-4 years ago when people really enjoyed playing the game.Now everyone is starting a server and result is that there are more servers than players that doesn't make sense Most of these 'server owners' are kids .MTA should introduce a verification process for starting new server to reduce unoriginal servers from list , like you could only start a server if you have actually created something unique or maybe charge money for starting a server because the way it is now i can't find a single player who is not a server owner.
  2. No one wants a vice city map lol, if they want to play vice city they will play vice city and are you afraid it could be better than your server? make it open source, CodyL is selfish he is creating a server with vice city map thats why he doesn't want a better version to be released.I like your work so don't listen to selfish people and release it for everyone to enjoy
  3. how anyone can DDOS your local server? don't port forward it for everyone.You are just paranoid but its good decision to leave this project because its pointless and waste of time.Play GTA 5
  4. It was skillred roleplay IP: PORT : 22003
  5. I think community word is used for a group of people not single person so he didn;t stole your community just name maybe
  6. Hello, SkillRed Roleplay is a decent roleplay server its been online for 1 year now so you can rely on it.Visit us SERVER IP : Forum: www.skillred.com
  7. Why I don't see any servers with less players on top 7, they are still sorted according to players count. Nobody bought? you should provide colored server names or something like that
  8. Your server also get 0 players so just change your server name from s8team to s9team, it doesn't make much difference lol
  9. There are not many "serious" roleplay servers on MTA as most of players have no idea about RP and thats why RP servers do not get players at all while RPG servers are loaded with players. If you want you can help us out, skillred roleplay is our server website skillred.com.
  10. Anyone else noticed lack of players in mta recently, most of players are leaving mtasa i think. SAES rpg only gets around 15 -30 players which used to get around 100 and also CIT 200-300 sometimes 500 but not like before. I think players are moving to other games, its sad that mtasa is losing playerbase There is not a single populated TDM server
  11. This gamemode doesn't work now? anyone got working basemode version
  12. Its not free, i want free option and i don't think virtual machines work i tried with virtualbox but not working...
  13. I need to test some of my scripts but i need another player, unfortunately I only own 1 laptop so can i run two mtasa on single laptop?
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