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  1. Hi, the player I chose, i want him to follow me I mean, wherever I go it will come automatically, when I get in the car, it will also get on my car. When I get off, it will go down. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Thank you for your answer, this adds pictures on the existing plate. but I want to add a picture separately. Think like a sticker.
  3. Hi, creating a new plate I want users to create a new plate using the pictures below, how can I do? example:
  4. thanks bro, problem solved
  5. If you recreate the above code, I would be glad, you can do it
  6. yes that's exactly the problem
  7. want to pull the vehicleHP value of the matching person For example: djharbi, 520, infernus, 100, good,1000 (This is a sample data) The data I want > 1000 (vehicleHP)
  8. Hi, I want to print the matching value but I can't Can you help, thank you ... server.Lua local vehDB = dbConnect( 'sqlite', 'vehicle.db' ) dbExec(vehDB,' CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vehicle_base` (pAcc, vehicleID, vehicleName, vehiclePrice, vehicleStatus, vehicleHP)') function dategetV() local results = dbPoll(dbQuery(vehDB, "SELECT * FROM `vehicle_base` WHERE vehicleID=? AND pAcc=?",520,getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source))), -1) if results then for k,v in ipairs ( results ) do outputDebugString(tostring(v['vehicleHP'])) end end end addEvent("dategetV", true) addEventHandler("dategetV", getRootElement(getThisResource()), dategetV)
  9. Hi, dxCreateTexture How do I round an image created with myImage = dxCreateTexture( "moonpig.png" ) dxDrawImage( 100, 350, 300, 350, myImage )
  10. hello what were the best mtaserver.conf file settings ie I want a mtaserver.conf file with settings made in the best settings Thank you from now
  11. Does anyone know the problem?
  12. I didn't write it here, it normally exists
  13. Hi, saving datebase. But does not record the question properly entered: your favorite writer? saved: your favorite writer' (? instead ' is happening) database charset: utf-8 how can I solve this problem? local username = "root" local password = "123456" local b_data = dbConnect("mysql","dbname=mtaserver;host=localhost;charset=utf8;port=3311", username, password, "autoreconnect=1"), local b_username = "admin" local b_pass = "1234" local b_ques = "your favorite writer?" local b_answ = "T. Well" local b_money = "0" local bank = dbExec(b_data, "INSERT INTO bank (bank_username,bank_pass,bank_ques,bank_answ,bank_money) VALUES('"..b_username.."','"..b_pass.."','"..b_ques.."','"..b_answ.."','"..b_money.."')")
  14. Hi, mysql connection falls after some time databasen = setting.mysql function chac1() local acc = getPlayerAccount (client) local username = getAccountName ( acc ) local slot = getAccountData (acc,"characterslot") or "no" local veriable2s = mysql_query(databasen, "SELECT * FROM skinshop WHERE skinshop_username='"..username.."'") if veriable2s then local okey2 = mysql_fetch_assoc(veriable2s) for okey,row in mysql_rows(veriable2s) do c1 = row[3] c2 = row[4] end end mysql_free_result(veriable2s) end the first time it works, there is no problem, but then disconnects the database How can I solve
  15. Hi, lang.lua fr = { a1 = "sortie", } eng = { a1 = "Exit", } client.lua guiSetText(lbl,""..eng.a1) Error: attempt to index global 'eng' (a nil value) how can i call?
  16. this is loginpanel file login= guiCreateStaticImage(x,y,width, height,"../file/bg.png",false) I want to get here > file script two separate script how can I do it??
  17. eg countdown from 10 minutes 10:00 > 09:59 > 09:58 .....
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