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  1. I know, but your problem is you don't know what is mysql, don't know how to use. Then where you get this error? From a downloaded script? Yeah, sure. Btw the "solution" is just make the error gone, but it's not solution for the problem: you have to create a table in database before you can use it. And create it in the mysql connection script is bad, because next time you want to make a script what use database, you'll get this error again, and you'll do the wrong solution... again. And so on.
  2. Didn't said download all in the default mta downloader He make a progressbar somewhere, and if a player want to download in yours way, can disable it. But think a bit: you go, play something, and in the "background" the game download all files. Next what you will say: But man, it will cause lag. Solution: pause download when a match start.
  3. Hmmm.. Just one word: :O YOU (not you, i mean mta, and yeah, it's two word). Thanks Pirulax, i search only in fileRename. Solution: <right name="general.ModifyOtherObjects.packages" access="true" />
  4. Why? Better wait always minutes before game? (Meaning with low internet players, not everybody have gigabit internet )
  5. I'm not stuppid. And the problem is not can't call global getHandler
  6. Its only happens when trying to rename resource's meta with database class in it. Read the full error message, not common access denied
  7. Read again the problem. The script is working, only with database occoure the error
  8. As i said, already tryed. I think the real problem is i want to modify a meta. Xml where is an active db connection. Maybe i should try disconnect/destroy befor do it.
  9. Why don't download all map datas in once? Maybe in a background progress (downloadFile). The idea is good, but if a player want to play, and have bad internet, annoying to wait until he can play. (If everybody should that's th worst).
  10. I love this help requests ? Man, the error message show you exactly what's the problem: you don't have a table with name elections. Just upload the stolen/downloaded .sql file into phpmyadmin/mta/export and it will work.
  11. Interesting. When i last used this it was usefull. It's in my "old" (2018 jun's) core I have to test it's performance better than the usefull one, or it's the same just implemented.
  12. oh my goooosh how smart (Okey, on sublime text you can press ctrl+d and select all same string but yeah...) to don't let editers to edit the code
  13. sanyisasha


    Still not see addCommandHandler or bindKey
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