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  1. Hey Rouzbeh, i didn't quite understand your sentence and i apologize for that. What you said is already happening, everytime someone relogs his in-game time becomes random. I want it to be the same to everyone, server-sided. I leave my client and server here: Server: http://pastebin.com/viEuu1D5 Client: http://pastebin.com/kAxAS2B6 If you could edit what must be done, i would appreciate it alot since i'm new to this Ty
  2. So yeah for some people it is day time others it is night time, always random times. Can someone help me out? http://pastebin.com/kAxAS2B6
  3. Solved, it was another thing messing up with the game speed. Sorry.
  4. So i downloaded a resource to simulate a better weather. It works just fine but the time moves alot faster then i wanted it to. I was messing around trying to set some lines as comments but nothing was working properly. If you could tell me what is provoking this i would be very pleased. server.lua http://pastebin.com/1TKtG9Vw cient.lua http://pastebin.com/bvhuSbri Thank you
  5. Hey man, great job as always. Is there any way to remove this errors? The script works just fine i think but my console is being spammed every minute. WARNING: backupsystem\server_db.lua:241: Database result uncollected after 5 minutes. [Query: INSERT INTO tents (itemy, id) VALUES('[ [ 76, 15 ] ]',6)] ty
  6. First time here. Hello everyone! So yeah i placed my server on a host and for some reason i can't perform any commands via the console. Not only this but the FTP server has been offline for 2 days by now and i adquired it 4 days ago. Is this normal or should i complain? And is there any alternative to perform commands such as upgrade? Thank you! https://www.apexgameservers.co.uk/
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