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    FPS Lag.

    I usually get pretty severe FPS Lag whilst playing Valhalla Gaming MTA. It can happen at any random time. I have tried stopping various processes in the background, no help. I'm running the game on the lowest settings. The game runs perfect on SA:MP and Single Player and I also don't have any mods installed. Could any of you help? Here's my comptuer specs: 2GB RAM AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
  2. Nglsk

    99% Cant wait ?

    Just wait. Should be released on 1st of the month IMO.
  3. Hey. I know this has probably been suggested before, and no doubt it will be again after this suggestion some-time in the future, but please add some more skins. This deffinately isn't a priority, but it'll be really helpful for us at roleplayers (And at Valhalla Gaming) if you could add some of the skins that are used in Single Player. Some of these skins include (by .txd and .dff name): LVPDM1 SFPDM1 smoke sweet ryder bluebl bluebr Would be a real help if a dev could spend 5 minutes adding these skins to a future Nightly. Thanks! EDIT: Added pictures.
  4. OMDz what has the world come to? Its not open EDIT: Oh, I'm one hour early. I fail.
  5. MTA: Map Editor with Windows Vista ® Introduction When I scan through the forums (which isn't too regulary since the forums aren't that active), I usually see "Why isn't it working with Vista?" and "how do i...?" threads. So, I thought, it'd be easier if I made a small guide on how to do this, as it'd cut down on the amount of those silly threads. Okay, so, yet another guide on "how to make MTA: Map Editor work with vista"? Well, Race doesn't work, but Map Editor does. Since the Client.dll file isn't yet compatible with Vista, and I don't believe it ever will be (unless you use Visual Basic to make it Vista compatible). To be honest, making it work is extremely simple, just a few steps you need to follow and you'll be on your way! The Steps Step one So, we'll assume you have Vista and MTA Race installed to your computer. Firstly, go to your MTA: Race drive, and open the "mods" folder. This isusually found in C://Program Files/MTA Race/mods, but in my case it's in my own user folder C://My User/MTA Race/mods. So, now, go into the Race folder, and delete the Client.dll file. Simple, just delete it. Picture Step two Now, you've deleted your Client.dll THAT IS IN THE RACE FOLDER, correct? Okay, backup out of your Race folder, and rename editor to map_editor. Then, go into your map editor folder. Copy your "models" folder. Picture Step three So, you've got your copied models folder, go back and into your Race folder. Paste it into your Race folder, then go back one, and into your map_editor folder. Picture Step four Nearly finished, and this step is really simple. You download this file, and put it into your miscellaneous objects folder (map_editor/objects/miscellaneous). Picture Step five The last step! Basically, go back to your map_editor folder, and create a folder named "maps". Leave it as that. On your way! If you've successfully followed these steps, you should have a fully-working MTA: Map Editor. Picture F.A.Qs Well, I'll keep on checking this topic, to see if any questions appear. I'll answer them in this part of my post. Credits Lyene (SA:MP GameRoute Community) - Showing me how to save the maps. Nglsk (SA:MP GameRoute Community) - Making the guide, taking the screenshots.
  6. Hey. I have the latest MTA:DM.. And I recently downloaded MTA:Race/Map editor. But, when I tried to load up the Map Editor, It says "Map Editor isn't installed in your deathmatch resources folder". I have..No Idea as to what this means, 'nor do I have any screenshots. Can somebody help me please? Thank you.
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