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  1. Using MediaWiki as a platform for the Wiki is a great choice. However, many extensions are out for it including the most wanted one(imo): VisualEditor Implementing this extension will help many Wiki editors by making it way easier to create & edit pages.
  2. 'You are not authorised to read this forum.' is all what you get when you press FAQ .. EDIT: solution to the problem is to add the 'f' parameter to the redirecting URL, which in this case is f=5 though I'm not sure how the forum rules are FAQ.
  3. For that they can keep this forum online, right? So I think they can not. During offline days, you can just search for what you want in Google then add site:forum.mtasa.com, after you find the thread you're looking for, click the green 'arrow' which you'll find after the link of the thread and then click 'Cached', this will open an offline cached page(you can't interact with the page like logging in/replying/etc.).
  4. Please ditch phpBB ...
  5. By 'IRC related', they meant related to MTA's GTANET server, not IRC in general.
  6. What if I ask a better question, why are you still using PHPBB in 2016?
  7. Are you from Egypt? Because if you're then the reason is obvious. ISPs in Egypt are disabling VoIP which affects gaming in general. You've two solutions, either restart your router until you get the "non-filtered" IP or use a VPN.
  8. DeVo

    Negative colors in CEF

    Nearly everything is in negative, e.g: red text is shown to me as blue/violet. Black and white aren't shown in negative. HTML5 videos are in negative colors. I tried joining many servers, even making a local server, this is very weird. I'm on Intel 530. I tried updating the drivers and MTA to the latest nightly build. The problem doesn't exist outside CEF, GUI/DirectX are shown pretty normal.
  9. DeVo


    If you think so you haven't played both SAMP RP servers/and, or switched from SAMP to MTA RP servers by yourself, or not the right ones, because I think most SA-MP roleplayers would never want to go back after playing on MTA RP servers, because it's a whole new dimension of RP where SAMP is simple RP without immersion and passive RP (hasty and simple-minded roleplayers) and as you say there might be more RP servers that aren't empty rather than MTA, but those that you find on SAMP are of low standard/quality. Well then try to use Google for a comparison between the two, you'll find out that this point is mentioned in most comparisons.
  10. This joke is worse than ISIS dude. Ironically, his title is shooter.
  11. DeVo


    function savePlayerWeapons() ammoPlayer = {} playerWeapons = {} for i=1,12 do local amo=getPedAmmoInClip (source, i) if amo and amo ~= 0 then ammoPlayer[i] = amo end end for i=1,12 do local wep = getPedWeapon(source,i) if wep and wep ~= 0 then playerWeapons[i] = wep end end setAccountData(getPlayerAccount ( source ), "ammo", ammoPlayer) setAccountData(getPlayerAccount ( source ), "weapons", playerWeapons) end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, savePlayerWeapons) addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, savePlayerWeapons) function poi() if not isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(source)) then wapon = getAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source), "weapons") aimo = getAccountData(getPlayerAccount(source), "ammo") for i,wapon in ipairs(playerWeapons) do giveWeapon (source, wapon, aimo[i]) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", root, poi) Much cleaner code. The changes I made are a lot and I advise you to read this and this. And after those two, read this.
  12. There's nothing in the wiki that says toJSON function has a size limit, so it probably isn't limited. But I'm afraid that big tables can cause a performance hit especially if you're using the function continuously. Why don't you try and tell us the results?
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