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  1. Have anyone got a mod that players can shoot on prone? And that players can climp ladders? Leave a download link If you know something about these mods! Ritualls
  2. K0tt0m4n add me Skype: aleksi-okulov. -ritualls
  3. I can be english staff member, If you need add me Skype: aleksi-okulov
  4. can somebody link mta dayZ mod ? and can my server start dayZ mod when my player slots are 20? -Ritualls
  5. FyiZero

    Mta Dayz Map!!

    Is there edited mta dayz map? Please leave a download link. If not can somebody edit map for free? -ritualls
  6. Is it possible to make new map/big island on mta dayZ gamemode. Mappers tell me? And If it is What is the price?
  7. Hey. if you wanna help me with my mta dayZ server and you have experience about scripting and mapping contact me on here or skype: Ritualls. if you assist the server to be awesome i give you salary. i give you 10euros paysafecard. if you are intrested i tell you the details! -Ritualls
  8. Hi. If you are intrested to help me with my freeroam. Contact me on Skype: Ritualls. I will pay you for your work. What i need on my freeroam server is skins,vehicles,mods,weapons, -ritualls
  9. HI! im searching for me and for my clan a new MTA dayZ fun server! if you own or know fun servers with bases or not please leave me a ip adress below!
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