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  1. Hi Community, Today I want to present you my hosting service. I'm just gonna sell it once or twice i'm gonna think about it. But here are the details: VPS 8 CORE 2.50GHz Intel XEON (R) 16GB's Ram 50GB SSD ANY Operating System you want! Location Belgium and US Only 20Euros a month! Contact me!
  2. Hello, I need help my MTA doesn't start anymore.The MTADIAG results: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/671898934 Here is a picture of the error message.It's german and it says something about RAM although my RAM is ok: http://prntscr.com/bqpfkz MY RAM: http://prntscr.com/bqpgtm Specs: Windows 10 Home Premium x64 4x AMD Radeon A8-6600k 3.9GHz (Right now 4.2GHz) AMD Radeon HD 8570D (APU Means that its my CPU) And Ram is clear i think k0tt0
  3. Hi Community , can someone help me doing a local Voice Chat Ressource or does anyone have it already?It would be very nice of you if you'd post it here . k0tt0m4n
  4. Hello guys , I have opened a Server with DayZ and i would like to have Staff German/English. I have installed a GIP panel already and the gamemode too. I only need to put it online but it is on building so it's on Hamachi. I am waiting for next week then ill have 100mbit/s. Later i will buy a host when the server is good. When you want the job Write it down boy`s. Add me Skype:k0tt0m4n See you later
  5. Dude here you are when you have problems then say it : http://www.moddb.com/downloads/mirror/5 ... 3ac29b6b52 PS: See your need a mapper post
  6. I can be your Mapper this is a kind of hobby for me. Say me only what kind of map like a base or smth. like that dude
  7. Hi TheIceman1 , I can help you. I have much experience with Mapping. From a Derby Map to a Deathmatch map. But I have one question:Do you want a Staff base or something else? Bases are my Speciality like to build a own Spawn. When you want me PM. See you maybe later
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