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  1. x86

    Run (machinima)

    Very nice video
  2. x86

    MTA 1.3.3 And Wine

    Please make sure the netc.dll file exists in the MTA directory (which is shown on the screenshot).
  3. The MTA source is not ready yet for Visual Studio 2012, please use at least Visual Studio 2008 or 2010.
  4. Because there's no one in your server, so it just stops the race map. It'll start again if someone joins.
  5. I guess we should have a function like PHP has: http://php.net/crypt
  6. 9 dollars per slot, hmm... very cheap indeed.
  7. viewtopic.php?f=106&t=58533` Scroll down untill: "5. Running the server" (or use crtl+f)
  8. It's possible, and it works. I did ran a server on my old Galaxy S II once.
  9. x86

    IP problem

  10. Port 22005 might be closed.
  11. Nice rule. Taken from: http://www.hdf-host.com/help.html
  12. x86

    Reliable Host?

    See: viewtopic.php?f=116&t=31678
  13. I like your comment.
  14. apt-get install ia32-libs
  15. You are right. DDoS protection doesn't exists also.
  16. Preview of our HCPanel: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/ ... 7118_n.jpg It makes you easier to manage the game servers with a few clicks.
  17. "Unknown Paste ID!"... Is this an april fool ?
  18. As spoken we'll discuss about this by e-mail.
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