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  1. yeah i did that back in mta 1.0...no surprise to me
  2. no it wouldn't rpg servers are just kids starting a server and saying hey were gonna do rpg..why would that cost money
  3. well it wouldn't cost money it's just an rpg server like you start a stor or whatever i dunno i dont play them that much like i play a game called the specailist and peopel start rpg servers with story and they kick you out if you dont like pick a role and play but ts isn't an rpg game in anyway so it's kinda cool thou sometimes...but i can definitally see alot of rpg servers starting up for gta
  4. i was playing mta and i was think hey you know what i bet this will spawn a bunch of rpg servers and i'd be the first to admit i dont really like rpg servers in some games but i think in mta it'd be quite fun accaully what with being able to go in some buildings and all...so i was just wonder, if an rpg server was up would you play or would you start an rpg or just what are your feelings on if some rpg servers started up...and so on...
  5. first one if you go in the luch place and read that it tell you about the home key thing and second no there are no boats but they might be in 0.2 who knows
  6. i took like 50 shots and that one was the only one i could get with the ball in the picture cause it's hard to keep hitting it up and trying to hit print screen at the same time...
  7. well i mean yeah there's nothing great but i was head butting it and it was keeping score...and it's in the stats if you look in there i thought that was pretty neat but go ahead and flame me if you want i dont care...jerks
  8. bender? whats that from? looks like a game...weird...i probably live under a rock so bare with me i mean i stay up all night till 12 in the afternoon
  9. thats a good idea with the whole gun mounted on the chopper like the chain gun but also if anyone says i looked and i can't find what ever helicopter then dont tell them they dont need to know where they are cause i found all 5 helicopters by my self before this map so they dont deserve to know
  10. ok first of sorry this isn't about mta it's just about vice city... anyway so i was walking around vice city for some reason and i went in an empty pool and i saw a beach ball so i went over to it and i notice i could kick it so i did and it went out and up so i decided to run uder it and bounce it on my head...little did i know that it was keeping score for some reason, each time it hit my head a red number would come up and to prove it http://www23.brinkster.com/mrnemo/sealgtavc.JPG copy and paste the url if it doesn't show up *note i tryed my best taking the shot so bare with it also if the picture quality sucks let me know and i'll improve it
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