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    There are tons of reports of problems like this one around the forum. What happens between the two communities is of no concern to the MTA team. It's unlikely they will get involved in this, especially to global ban anyone.
  2. You can do that yourself if I recall correctly. There's a different server conf file for the local server started for the map editor in the same place as the server is installed, where you can enable modded files.
  3. As I imagined, that error is caused by CloudFlare, which wouldn't stop the server from accepting connections. If the port 2003 is open, I'll have to look into it later.
  4. It seems that either the port 2003 isn't open for TCP connections on your network or the server isn't responding. Considering you have already restarted the server, I think it's safe to say it's the former. Make sure it isn't being blocked by a firewall. As I said in your bug report, the big HTML message you see is likely the output of the response from the master server on timeout due to CloudFlare.
  5. PM me and I'll take a look at it.
  6. Make sure you're using MTA 1.5.2. The implementation in older versions doesn't support the HTTPS protocol.
  7. Make sure you're using the 0.6 client. You won't receive a meaningful error message when trying to connect to a 0.6 server from a 0.5(r2) client because the net code has changed drastically.
  8. Hmm, i've MTA 0.5r2, can you give me the link please of the 0.6 version? https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=92137 It's not a final release, however, and development has been frozen for a while. It will continue sooner or later, but it's complicated right now to find enough time to dedicate to the project.
  9. I can't tell but I'd rather wait and see how it performs first. It doesn't though. You can get an i5-6600 for the same price as that CPU, DDR4 RAM for the same price, and same for a B150 motherboard.
  10. MTA 0.5/0.6 currently doesn't have a working integrated server browser. You can check out the list of servers that are online here instead.
  11. Remove the aftermarket cooler (you won't need it, unless you're looking for something quieter) and upgrade the components to Skylake with DDR4 RAM. Also get a higher quality power supply (e.g. EVGA, XFX TS/Core, Seasonic brands). Get a cheaper case if needed.
  12. Decoding and reproducing a video is completely different from running the actual game. Mobile hardware lacks the processing power to run such a game even remotely decently.
  13. There hasn't been much progress, I've been busy with school and SugarD-x has a job, but it's definitely NOT over.
  14. No, that's never going to happen. These commits are related to a vendor library used by the mod.
  15. I think it used to be $5, it probably hasn't changed. I may be wrong, though.
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