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  1. xactly i h8 them 3 second mta rep's and i dont wanna use fraps all the time....i wonder about all the features of that stunt server thing..
  2. yo was söll dä schäiss? wiso schriibsch du huärä mösä so äs schpanischs mongo readme i suggestions? schläck min pimml seems 2 b a multi language topic huh?
  3. l2ebel


    LOL i even got a better code...what about this one?: "noob posts bullshit. delete/ban him" usable somehow? thx kenny now i got a sig
  4. wooohah yeah Cerbera u'll never give up thats cool seems like the dodo community already died and now the modding too NEVER EVER LOL xerox ur an mta guy with a 56k modem LOL im sorry but LOinsaneL about the autodownload, here's my idea: server name: xerox's server/handling6/www.mtamods.com/handlings.... than every1 who wanna join ur server HAS TO go 2 a website and download it by himself. so i can make a mta-mod-folder with the mods i most use(maybe even with installer,if needed)and connect psssh.....whats the prob iz so eze heh, i think i've already posted the same somewhere but if nobody's answering(i mean a MTA TEAM MEMBER or u XEROX)then we have to loop our posts hm.. i should copy paste it LOL, whatever cya!
  5. lol u're posting this question on the MTA site!?!!? nobody's gonna help u here!!...exept of me http://mitglied.lycos.de/zoobesen/GTA3/index.html its a german site klick on:originaldateien if u need the gta-vc.exe icq me...OR REINSTALL AND MAKE A BACKUP
  6. yeah thats a good idea! 1:could u add gtaforums.com to your affiliates? im posting like wild their links! ppl (specially those who search for modding help or to post their projects/ideas)should know this site. only a few ppl can help u for those things on your site,so why not working together? 2:and plz!!! a little but great feature would be if u could notify users also by ICQ, cause i dont like to check my mail twice a-day. thx 4 ur answer:)
  7. first off: if u r searching 4 an assistent 4 a new vehicle a mod or whatever i'd suggest u 2 go here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=8c ... t=idx&c=22 i think somebody already created(converted?) the gta3 dodo 4 VC, if not then u got a lot more chance 2 find there some1 to do the job than on this site. im searching 4 a dodo in my version:http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3636 LOL!! my favourite number(36) is twice in the address of my topic thx xerox 1st: if u guys wanna ADD a new dodo(i taught this is inpossible) u'd have to let the game know that it can fly(or do u wanna use the handling cheat instead?lol)so i think u'd need a coder 2 do this(if u r none) and there's 1 thing im sure:U CANT FIND A CODER 2 HELP U IN THIS FORUM!!!(or im just too dumb 2 find 1(too little time 2 write a pm lol)). 2nd: once i tried 2 copy paste some handlings from gta3 to vc(try it! actually u're gonna fly higher than in gta3 LOL)i could make this post a lot longer but i got 1-finger-writing-tech uff...! all in this post is in my opinion! i hope i can help u coz i dont wanna c any "dodo for vc project" getting lost...BRING THE DODO IN VICE!!!! keep on trying guys!!
  8. with free 4 all u mean DM or a loner?ah i guess u mean just a do-what-u-feel-like-mode,y not adding a ninja to team-DM? loner style hehehe... now thats what i've always wanted but as far as v know: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=1a ... try1244231 creating new player models 4 vc is not possible, v hope this will change soon i hope some1 contradicts me,would b too great if anybody found a solution
  9. just show me ur best skimmer trick nice 2 c a dodo-pilot's post, so u're not dead uff... zoooeeeh im a dodo lover
  10. did u red my topic? http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3636 plz read the 1st+8th post and tell me what u think of. im still checking out if such a mod already exists the building idea rox if v could save the stats(possible 2 save them on a server?)v could play this game mode day-by-day(or week by week coz i dont think 1 team can capture the whole city in 1 hour)hmm.. a big tournament mode sh.. sounds ill
  11. yeehaaa!!! i feel like im getting a forum statistic record: highest difference between replys and views well,i've opened the same topic at: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=3f ... 9&t=113383 its in the coding section, so i think im gonna get some answers there :)now i know that i made this topic at the wrong place coz most ppl only watch in the suggestions section 2 c which features may b included in later MTA releases. anyway i hope this topic here wont get deleted,ppl should still b able 2 post their ideas and taughts here thx. 2 the MTA-team: can i get permit 2 mod ur MTA.scm (i repeat: v dont have 2 use it online, LAN goes ok ) many ppl want a passenger-driveby function and i think mine has most options, like:360° view, u can fire all weapons,more space for passengers(maybe up to 6 passengers on a big vehicle like the Flatbed) my last post in this topic dont means that i dont wanna get negative replys(sorry about my english)some1 who wont get negative replys shouldn't post his ideas in a forum. all i request is a straigh answer no matter which kind and a reason why. thx 4 reading this book cya
  12. yo xenex its kinda stupid u're talking about fairness, u dont even know me actually i h8 ppl who r all about competition u cant say 'my stunts r better than yours' everybody got his own style...(nothing 2 win or loose) and about the handling, when i release my stunt vid my handling+col file will b included 2 make it fair my handling isn't just w+turn there will be no handling revolution in original MTA:VC 0.2 so dont worry about the fairness, u should think of yours PEACE
  13. hmm... why is the bridge to shoreside vale closed?? and why can some guys press / or < to chat IN GAME!!!??? yes i mean gta3 mta!! and if i press the right shift button it says sometimes: 'chat on' or:'chat off'
  14. i say: to someone who's sitting in a car: 5 shots in head = dead and on foot: 10 shots or: 130% damage per bullet in head--if a bullet on body is 100% i guess headshots 2 someone in a car is easier 2 enable (coz its alredy in SP main.scm....) hm.. is it hard 2 enable on foot? mmmm..! i forgot! programmers dont watch this forum(or nobody wanna mod the dodo) WHERE R ALL THE PILOTS GONE whatever....
  15. ahhh i guess u had some real ugly backseat experiences with 2 guys dont b scared lil bunny. if u dont know than dont post post if u made ur decision..and say y im searching 4 ppl who wanna help. none who dont know. c'mon guys plz say y!!!!
  16. yo whaaaaaat!! where can i download? hope u dont mean the skimmer i h8 that thing! vc is made 4 noob pilots just gotta press a button and u fly only the gta3-dodo needs skillz and @ u:co-tester y not in mta too powerful unit with 2 guys on wings? wanna ctf like getting out take flag get back in an begin 2 search a starting road? or passenger seat? its not too hard 2 blast the dodo out of the sky (its pretty slow) and if ya still dont want i'll use it 4 LAN
  17. exactly! then v could start making maps and write the map name as a sever name like: STUNTmap1...or:DMmap2 and everybody knows the locations and what 2 do on that server without asking before hm... and a link on a site where u can c all maps woohaa! i love perfect dark! i think its the best game 4 n64(many options!) did u tried: bot difficulty:dark and:slayer duel? hehehe
  18. yeah, who's stunting with cars !! only with the taxi coz of (boost jump )but still cant find a nice 4-door replace 4 it pcj ROX
  19. yeah y not infinite? than finnaly we could open stunt servers 4 everybody without a passsword (no mo killaz disturbing our stunz!!) hmm..and an ability 2 choose: the comet gets replaced with another pcj... coz most r stunting with the pcj and there r aint enough of them or will multiplicity fix it anyway?
  20. i made this topic 4 modders who can create some functional vehicles, they dont have to look great. plz answer like this: 1:YOUR ANSWER HERE 1:i wanted 2 create a dodo(car) where players can jump on top without falling down while driving (just imagine a dodo flag-caper-unit with two players on wings shooting from sky)i tried it by changing the colision(adding sum kinda pipe on wings) but it dont works:( 2:now, can someone mod the main.scm and do it there? possible? in a mission of phil cassidy, where u gotta collect the weapons some gangmembers r standing on the back of the waltons(pickup car) shooting at u.maybe u can check this out in the main.scm (i dunno never moded the main.scm....) but i saw whats possible;) 4:can somebody bring the dodo in vc? we really need it! or r the flying physics totally different 2 them of gta3? (seems 2 me, sux...) 5:we also need some vehicles 4 stuntmen like: 5.1 a ramptruck who can shoot other vehicles foreward per button 5.2 a heli who can transport both, players and vehicles...many ideas... 6:another question:should they enable headshots in mta? i think they should or maybe only 2 those who sit in a car. 7:do i have 2 adjust somewhere how long this topic lasts? im w8ing 4 some answers of programmers and of course 4 ur ideas!
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