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  1. Oh my heres some more http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1863&p=9 and some more http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1863&p=10 Case in point, seems like this game wasnt made for nvidia cards.
  2. Do some research before you open your virtual mouth, Sarah Shaw nothing gets me madder than a fuggin noob that doesnt know what they are talking about. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1863&p=8 <--- Click that and look for your self.
  3. Anyone else got the problem in .02 where you try to get to a diff island from the one you spawn at, and at the little quickload screen it freezes? It does that to me and i haveto restart my pc, other than that .02 a ton of ownage.
  4. Uh well, half life two looks great, ATI does well on it, nvidia does not, i saw some benchmarks on some ati and nvidia vidcards and it shows and explains why nvidia does so fuggin crappy on it.... by crappy i mean the ati radeon 9600 pro does better than the fx5900 ultra by more than 10 fps ..... the 9600 is a 180$ card, the 5900 is a 450$+ dollar card... but then on doom3 the 5900 ultra does better than the 9800 pro,but seeing how many people play halflife , halflife two will be a big hit also, therefore ati is the way to go.... theres my two cents.
  5. Does anyone else have the problem where it frezes when you try to go to another island, at that quick load screen, cuz thats what mine does.
  6. Yes well, you should spend less time flappin' your gums on a fourm and more time looking for a better pc!
  7. Ah! I got another one ive been thinking of. Sniper wars: Give everyone a sniper rifle and unlimited ammo, but take off the radar and blips and crap, so they can only kill by sight, and they can hide, like in buildings and what not, i dunno anyone wanna add to that or anything.
  8. Hmm..... I got an idea.It might sound dumb or something but here it goes: Cops 'n' Robbers - someone or a group can be the cops, others can be robbers, as soon as a cop take a robber out of a car, ot knocks them down , they arrest them , then..... hrm.....perhaps put them in that vice city police jailcell intill all others are arrested , or a robber comes and lets them free! I dunno, ive had this idea for a while, but like i said , its kinda dumb. hehehe
  9. Rofl, who admits they have ME? Thats the worst. But serously, xp is better than all the other oses, it boots WAAAY faster than all others, and even though it has no real DOS , who uses dos anymore anyways,unless you got a slow piece of crap pc that can only run duke nukem 3d.
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