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  1. It's easier to make an own admin panel rather than editing the default one imo
  2. I've been quite bored lately and I've been looking for something to do, so I decided to make a resource. I can't really decide what to do though, so I thought i'd ask you guys what you would like to see.. The resource will obviously be uploaded to the community site once done
  3. onPlayerJoin is a server sided event, and dxDrawText must use "onClientRender" event.
  4. It's never unlimited just that its above 9999
  5. ernst

    Ped kill...

    can't you read? onClientPlayerStealthKill targetPlayer: The player or ped that is being stealth killed.
  6. You can use setControlState
  7. playermoney = getPlayerMoney(source) will never work. getPlayerMoney don't have a player argument client sided.
  8. ernst


    function pedcreation ( player, cmd, skin ) local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player ) local rot = getPedRotation ( player ) peds = createPed ( tonumber ( skin ) or 0, x, y, z - 1 , rot ) setPedAnimation(peds, "ped", "WOMAN_walknorm") end addCommandHandler ( "piepie", pedcreation )
  9. ernst


    How do i choose, if you know what i mean, like, /piepie (skinid) function pedcreation (client, cmd, skinid) if not (skinid) then outputChatBox("Usage: /piepie skinid", client, 250, 0, 0) return end local x, y, z = getElementPosition(client) local rotx, roty, rotz = getElementRotation(client) createPed(skinid, x, y, z, rotz) end addCommandHandler("piepie", pedcreation)
  10. ernst


    addCommandHandler("piepie", function(client) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(client) local rotx, roty, rotz = getElementRotation(client) local ped = createPed(288, x, y, z, rotz) if (ped) then outputChatBox("Successful!",client, 255, 0, 0) end end)
  11. Paying €250 for an RPG server is ridiculous Would be easier to just learn lua by yourself.
  12. ernst


    addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", root function(message) outputChatBox("player says"..message) end)
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