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  1. well that fades it to gray, but i want it to be 50% transparent black
  2. how to fade the screen but not completely, only about 50%?
  3. 1. how can i make columns not resizable? 2. how can i disable sorting?
  4. this is my meta file and it works (it doesn't download it from start), but how can i make it download this file so i can repleace the model?
  5. is it possible to make gui (with all its elements) to fade in or out?
  6. how to: 1. disable 'logout' and 'login' and 'register' command 2. disable chatbox 3. how to disable chatbox output that gets outputed when you login (or logout), something like this: login: you have successfully logged in and logout: you have successfully logged out
  7. how to get true if string is longer that 3 chars, else false?
  8. how to make column under column sorting mode in gridlist?
  9. i was looking there too, but link for qt to lua is broken.
  10. is there and 3rd party gui editor?
  11. Client: function eventFiveSec() if (guiGetVisible(guiEventManager) == true) then local xmlElements = xmlLoadFile("elements.xml") guiGridListClear(grdElementsList) for i=0,149 do local xmlOldChild = xmlFindChild(xmlElements,"element",i) outputChatBox(xmlOldChild) local attrs = xmlNodeGetAttributes(xmlOldChild) outputChatBox(i) if (attrs == false) then return else local newRow = guiGridListAddRow(grdElementsList) for name,value in pairs(attrs) do outputChatBox(name .. " = " .. value) end end end xmlUnloadFile(xmlElements) end end XML: "6447187" type="weapon" item="4" x="2474.0759277344" y="-1653.5537109375" z="13.46875" left="1"> "5859401" type="weapon" item="4" x="0" y="0" z="0" left="0"> "1829493" type="weapon" item="4" x="2477.142578125" y="-1662.857421875" z="13.336080551147" left="1"> Problem: xmlOldChild is always returned as false
  12. I still need help with this
  13. This is not the full code, this is only the part which doesn't work.
  14. Can i rather PM it to you, i don't want it to be stolen.
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