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  1. Hey, can you help me how to install venux roleplay? my problem cannot register, my server said : i already execute mysql.sql to my db but its not work . anyone know where i can watch video step by step how to intall venux roleplay mod? Sorry cannot speak english and im stupid
  2. Wow good job EDIT:But how to install it? can you make video? it will help for noob Sorry for my english, im stupid
  3. Did you execute the mysql database? -As you can see on the last errors you're getting, you doesn't have enough columns, so yeah 1. It does not connect to the mysql 2. You're missing some rows etc in the DB Ok thanks, but im not understand you said , Can you make tutorial step by step? it will help for noob
  4. Hey can you tell me, why i cannot login? please help me I cannot login, please help me
  5. Where i put "mysql.sql"? sorry im stupid
  6. anyone know where i can download valhalla roleplay mod? Sorry for my english
  7. Now, how to buy the food in the shop? and how to get money in atm?
  8. Yeah. /createinterior <0=gov, 1=house, 2=biz> It has to be a house or business to make it purchaseable if I remember right. Go on the pickup icon and hit Enter if you have enough money to buy the interior. Thanks
  9. Hey can you tell me how to buy and sell house? in mta paradise. Im stupid sorry for my english
  10. You've found the link to download? you can download from here.https://nodeload.github.com/mabako/mta- ... all/master Sorry my English
  11. Finall, where the house, workplace, and restaurant? i cannot see in the map sorry im bad english
  12. ok its work, thank you very much
  13. ok, how to create database ? I am puzzled by completing the structure ?im stupid
  14. anyone know where I can see the video "how to install mta paradise" sorry for my english
  15. "Admin" /> "Moderator" /> "RPC" /> "sql" /> "resource.admin" /> "user.mabako" /> Do you like this? thanks , sorry im stupid
  16. how to create database? how to fix:[2012-07-05 22:26:55] WARNING: sql\mysql.lua:78: Access denied @ 'shutdown'please help me step by step thanks
  17. still doesnt work for me, i have edited all suggestion from this thread viewtopic.php?f=91&t=43953&hilit=mabako and also your suggestion
  18. I have download it but my server said where I have to keep it the "mta_mysql.dll"? in module folder? I have saved it in a folder module sorry for my english
  19. Hey i want to install mta roleplay with mabako mod, and my server said: can you help me how to server work (step by step) Sorry for my english
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