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  1. Todd

    Low FPS

    Servers have got something like fps limit if you are not looking at it. But you should try install newest display drivers for your graphic card( or just reinstall them)
  2. MTA has such advantage that augments a lot of problems with this kind of stuff, you can simply try to install another version of Game Booster but Im not sure it will help, I had similar problem with Xfire but it's completely other software
  3. Todd

    bug fix pls

    what's the bug?...
  4. Very useful, but the most of people from here doesn't know for what is that. I don't think that it will be popular.
  5. Did you try use /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock instead /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock ? You can change it in your resource that connect with MySQL server.
  6. Todd

    Little problem

    solved/ too late ;p
  7. The files become smaller when you will pack them into .zip file. You can do that with WinRar. It depends too from texture size and model size.
  8. try use getLocalPlayer() instead localPlayer
  9. Todd

    MySql help

    I think that you can't change hostname from localhost to your host What's the problem in configuring MySQL server. If you want i can configure it for you just send me files without password
  10. I don't think so. Did you install all necessary dependencies before installation? Like mysql-server? Anyway.. Can you show MySQL configuration?
  11. pronunciation My Ess Que Ell ( My S-Q-L ) if you want but My Sequel is too acceptable
  12. this is also problem with connection server can't connect with DB Few problems related with that error: for example - BAD Config - BAD Hosting
  13. Todd

    MySql help

    ( you can find more videos 'bout it )
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