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  1. I see you are using an outdated version of phpBB. Seriously, you guys should go to phpbb.com and upgrade to 2.0.6. Not only is there a few new features, there is some important security fixes. These flaws in the phpBB forums can allow someone to gain total access over the board. phpBB 2.0.6 is a lot more secure, and as MTA gets more popular, more people will want to do anything they can to damage it, unfortunately.
  2. Ahh, I see, it's actually been designed for a 1152x854 resolution. Ridiculous.
  3. I happen to have an 800x600 resolution, because I dislike the tiny ass text of 1024x768. The new header stretches my screen. I have to scroll over a lot now. Please optimize this site for a minimum resolution of 800x600 instead of 1024x768, as many people have their settings at 800x600. Or make it an option in the profile or something. This stretching the page is horrible!
  4. Argh! Now I have to scroll over sideways a lot. WTF happened? I have an 800x600 and I am not changing to 1024x768. The text is just too small and on my monitor it kind of curves at the side on that resolution, which I dislike. Fix this, please?
  5. I find it terribly annoying when some ass keeps spamming the chat. Flood control would be an excellent option for 0.2
  6. I agree totally MrBump. I respect the fact that you are a super moderator. That's the only map I could find to work on , im a cock nazi. It's obviously the map that was included from the packaging of the PC game. Grr... what a stupid ass penis i am. I waste my time to make a map that isnt needed? it's not my fault for not checking if it was done before, i should have searched for raiden's topic but ima lazy dumbarse. I am a Stupid prick. 9possibly edited by someone, who can tell)
  7. It's called "Xizer's MTA:VC 0.1 Map" Its current version is 1.0, and it has locations of vehicles. You can find more information and a link to download it at the following location: http://www.angelfire.com/magic/xizer/mta_map.html Note: I am also adding weapon locations to V2.0 of this map. Health and body armor will be added for V3.0. Expect the release of v2.0 soon. In the meantime, car locations will be enough.
  8. ...version. WTF? What an aweful idea! I know it would put an end to cheating, but I have several modded cars! This is not cool. I have a state trooper police car, a banana car, coca-cola truck, some building mods, all kind of shit. I would NOT appreciate this. I would have to reinstall Vice City and miss my mods
  9. Hey, fuck you man. I didn't steal shit. That screenshot was taken by me when I was playing the game. I used Print Screen. And as for stealing your idea, this wasn't a fucking idea of mine. I discovered it by myself. And next, it doesn't belong to you, even if you did find it first. I was unaware that you did. So shut the fuck up, you little prick.
  10. Of course I know what Apartment 3C is. It's got a chainsaw, blood, you can use a glitch in there making Vice City a "ghost world" making it easier to find 100 hidden packages. K?
  11. Sheesh, I've searched all over the map and I can't find the damned chainsaw. Could someone help me out? Please?
  12. Well that's all good and fine, but they didn't put some of the funnest cars in! I'm talking about the BF Injection, the limos, the coach, the firetruck and an ambulance!
  13. Oh, well, I didn't notice any topics similar to this. And I thought I might as well use a trainer now considering that with version 0.2 they'll probably have disabled it.
  14. Hell no it isn't too many cars. Vice City is large, and lots of cars and variety would be fun. All of them might be a bit too many, however.
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