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  1. check it/start rcg /start rcg_core /start rcg_editor *several months later* That worked .
  2. I'm used to it by now, but it's still weird to see. For some maps it's far worse, however. So would installing 1.4 over an existing 1.3 installation have anything to do with it?
  3. I just tried 1.4 with a few other servers and there is also noticeable microstuttering. I'll try some 1.3 servers sometime.
  4. Hmm... What are you using to watch the video? I recommend Windows Media Player for the smoothest 60FPS playback. And what do you mean by freezing? The microstuttering can be seen between 00:10-0:12 with another small moment at 00:15. The rest is a smooth 60FPS.
  5. One second? It's extremely brief... I haven't tried other servers yet but I will today.
  6. Here's the video: http://briansweet.me/files/IMG_0166.MOV The microstuttering can easily be seen. I recommend downloading the video completely first.
  7. It happens with either one of the bordlerless window options. Traditional full-screen doesn't do this. One thing that I failed to mention was that when 1.4 came out, I installed it over my existing 1.3 installation. Not sure if that would cause frame rate issues.
  8. Nothing is forced on; everything is at their default settings, as everything was prior to 1.4.
  9. The latest nightly, 6867-20140920, is honestly one of the worst builds for microstuttering for me... Once I get my iPhone 6 Plus, I'll do a little 60FPS video recording.
  10. What's really odd that I just noticed is that even when recording at 60FPS via FRAPS (to an SSD of course), the recording shows none of the microstuttering that I observed while actually playing... The showframegraph command didn't show any large spikes at all either. Yet, while playing, it's still very obvious that there is some occasional stuttering of some sort (again, that only just started with MTA 1.4).
  11. Just an update: The currently nightly ("mtasa-1.4-full_rc-6846-20140903") honestly seems to have the most microstuttering of all of the previous builds I've used...
  12. Nope. Still happens. I'm starting to wonder if the server happens to be causing it. I only play on MrGreen's race and mix servers. Will try some others sometime.
  13. That's how things were when I was using a non-standard borderless mode.
  14. The thing is that I could play with any fullscreen mode without any type of stuttering prior to the 1.4 update. That's really the only software change that my machine's experienced lately.
  15. That was already unchecked. I've been running it as "borderless keep res" for the longest time, even with 1.3 (and below) without this microstuttering. It actually looks like setting it to the standard mode did the trick. Though I wish I could use the previous settings, as switching back to my desktop in-between maps (which I do often) is instant, whereas it takes a few seconds due to my monitor changing its refresh rate or something. The version I'm currently on is mtasa-1.4-full_rc-6820-20140823, BTW.
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